How to get rid of, Snakes

How Do I Get Rid of Snakes

close up grass snake

There are many types of snakes, some are poisonous and dangerous while others are quite harmless. Most people do not want to see snakes in or around their home and they want to know more about how to prevent or deter snakes from entering their yard and being near their home.


How Can I  Prevent Snakes In My Home? How Do I Protect My Home From Snakes?

Seal up cracks in your home and add weather stripping to fill in gaps around doors and windows;


How Can I Prevent Snakes In My Yard?


  • Keep your grass cut short with regular mowing and remove any bushes or shrubs that are close to your home
  • If you store wood in a pile this can be a really good hiding place for snakes. Be careful when you remove wood from a pile because if there is a poisonous or aggressive snake it can be startled and strike.
  • Keep your wood pile several inches above the ground if possible.
  • Keep compost in a sealed container so as to not attract rodents which in turn will attract snakes;


What Are Some Home Remedies For Snake Problems?


  • Install a “perch pole” where predatory birds can sit and grab a snake if they see one in your yard;
  • Patch holes in your house foundation if you have any;
  • Get rid of pests such as mice that can be an attractant to snakes as a food source;
  • Add mesh hardware cloth around your home to prevent snakes from getting close to your home.
  • Add hog fuel or other rough landscaping materials to your garden.
  • Snakes don’t like to move through this type of material as it can hurt them.
  • Plant marigolds around your home, they tend to deter snakes.


How Can I Get Rid Of Snakes With Pestrol?

Get rid of snakes with Pestrol. Pestrol has many effective snake repellents and deterrents. Take a look at our selection of products that can help to deal with your snake issues once and for all.

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