How to get rid of, Possums

How Do I Get Rid of Possums


Possums can quickly populate the area below your home in no time at all. They like areas where they can hide, burrow and nest. If you have left open access to the area below your deck and areas around your home that provide shelter and privacy then you are asking for possums to move in.

How Can I Prevent Possums In My Home?

  • Trim low tree branches and keep grass and shrubs short and tidy. Possums like to hide in bushy areas and can take up residence in piles of branches and other types of debris. If any tree branches come in contact with your home, eliminate them. These can create a “bridge” that can be used for possums to get into your attic and roof.
  • If you have old unused items in your yard including cars and furniture, get rid of it quickly before it becomes a home for a possum family.
  • Add screening to areas under your home to prevent possums from accessing them.
  • Add fencing around your home that is at least four feet high. If you decide to add electric fending it should be at least three to four inches above the top of the fence.

What Are Some Home Remedies For Possum Problems?

  • Ammonia is another very effective deterrent. Pour some into an old coffee can and place a rag into it. This will act as a wick and disperse the ammonia fumes.
  • Live trap the animals and remove them far away from your home.

How To Get Rid Of Possums With Pestrol?

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