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How Do I Get Rid Of Pest Dogs


Most people love dogs, especially when they’re your own pet, but we don’t necessarily want all the neighbourhood dogs coming to our homes and doing their business, or hanging around and barking, chasing wildlife, or harassing our own pets and children.

Dogs can be lovable on the one hand, but also a nuisance in some other ways.

How Do I Get Rid Of Dogs?

This isn’t about harming dogs like you kill cockroaches and other household pests, but rather ways to repel them and deter them from entering your property.

One method you can try is to spray scents around the boundaries of your yard that dogs don’t like. A common one is any form of citrus (orange, lemon etc.). You could also try spraying vinegar, or sprinkling things like pepper or chilli powder around garden beds.

Another smell dogs really don’t like is the stench of ammonia, so you could try a bit of that as well.

There are also some really handy products on the market designed to repel dogs and send them on their merry way.

These include things like:

Predator control lights
Ultrasonic sound repellents
Water repellers
And others…

All of these products can be solar-powered, so no need to plug-in cords or constantly be replacing batteries. Simply locate them in nice sunny areas to keep them charged and doing their job.

Predator control lights come on at night and constantly emit a blinking red light that deters many animals, including dogs.

The sound repellers emit ultrasonic sounds that only keen canine ears can detect. It’s a frequency they really don’t like, so they’ll steer clear of your property.

The water repellers work kind of like a sprinkler. When the sensor detects movement, it shoots a squirt of water in the direction of that movement, scaring away cats and dogs day and night.

How To Get Rid Of Dogs With Pestrol?

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