Cat Repeller
Cat Repeller

Solar Cat Repeller


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Control and repel cats with our new solar cat repeller.

If cats are using your garden and using it for their bathroom needs. Time to repel cats humanely with our specifically designed cat repeller.

How to get rid of cats has never been so easy.

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Pestrol Solar Cat Repeller. Stop unwanted cats entering your property and treating it like a litterbox.

Our solar cat repeller has an infrared detection system. Combining high-powered LED strobe lights and high-frequency bursts of ultrasonic waves to keep cats away.

Complete with a stainless steel stake to place in the ground.

Covers: 9 metres.

The Pestrol Solar Cat Repeller is humane yet effective at removing cats from:

  • vege patch
  • lawns
  • greenhouse
  • flowers.

No replacement batteries needed as the unit is fully solar powered.

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