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Pestrol Outdoor Dominator Mosquito Control Trap


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  • Largest and the most powerful Pestrol Mosquito Control Trap
  • Protects up to 1 Acre
  • 3-way protection

Optional Boosters

Place the boosters in the chamber of the Dominator Mosquito Trap to encourage more mosquitoes to the trap.

Mosquito Control Trap – Outdoor Dominator

Pestrol Outdoor Dominator is an effective Mosquito Control Trap, simple and safe answer to your mosquito control problems. Using a powerful combination of mosquito lures: black light, heat and colour to effectively lure and eliminates mosquitoes.

The Pestrol Outdoor Dominator will do twice the area that the Pestrol Outdoor Exterminator will cover: 1 acre.

  • Air-Actuated Gate System
  • Our patented gate system employs a plastic board downwind of the motor which is opened by air from the powerful fan and closed by a spring.
  • When the trap is powered “off”, captured insects cannot fly away upwards due to specially designed flaps that will automatically close.

Trap Placement

The location of your trap is a critical variable in maximizing capture rates. Most mosquito species avoid direct sunlight and wind so we recommend shaded, sheltered areas, preferably amongst bushes or shrubs and near any wetland area. Keep the trap away from areas frequented by humans and animals. Experiment with different locations to determine the most successful placement for your trap.

The positioning of the Pestrol Outdoor Dominator

For the best performance from your Mosquito Control Trap, first determine the source of the mosquito nuisance (Mosquitoes breed in wet areas like streams, marshland, wooded areas and gardens). Then use these rules to site the Trap:

  1.  Place the MosquitoTrap between the mosquito source and areas of human activity.
  2.  Place the Mosquito Trap as far away from people and as close to the mosquito source as possible. (Attract them to the Trap and not to you.)
  3. Place the Mosquito Trap upwind of the mosquito source but only if you can comply with Rule 1. (Mosquitoes sometimes use the wind to navigate.)
  4. Place the Mosquito Trap in a predominantly shaded area. (Most mosquitoes avoid direct sunlight.)
  5.  Place the Mosquito Trap in a location protected from rain and strong wind. (Mosquitoes don’t fly in strong winds.)
  6.  If severe weather conditions are predicted then store the Trap during this time.

Bulbs have an average life of  30,000 hours and should be replaced annually to maintain optimal UV effectiveness.

Installations Best for:

  • Residential
  • Hospitals
  • Daycare centres
  • Health Clinics
  • Golf Courses
  • Restaurants
  • Rural work yards.

The Pestrol Mosquito Control Trap also plays an important role in agriculture; protecting both agricultural workers and livestock. As well as alleviating the threat of insect-borne disease, the Mosquito Trap can improve the quality of livestock by reducing the stress on the animals caused by biting insects and make the working environment more comfortable for staff.

  • Power Requirements: DC 12V
    Power consumption: 14W
    Power cord length:3 metres
  • Size: 68 x 34 x 34cm
  • Weight: 3kg
  • Globes last approximately 30,000 hours with continuous use.
  • Area of application: 1 Acre
  • Approvals: CE and ROHS / Plug adaptor is SAA and C-Tick approved
    Warranty: One-year manufacturers warranty


When using the Supercharged Boosters place them into the base of the catchment tray. This will assist with encouraging the mosquitoes towards the Mosquito Lure Trap.

PRODUCT DISCLAIMER: Whilst the mosquito traps will catch and reduce the mosquito population in your area. Please be aware, unfortunately, there is no 100% full proof product on the market that will ensure that you don’t get bitten. Every precaution should always be taken to prevent the risk of mosquito bites around the world.

Mosquito Lure Trap Explained

Note: Above graphic displays older model globes. The new model has been replaced with the more efficient and longer-lasting LED REPLACEMENT DOMINATOR GLOBE.

17 reviews for Pestrol Outdoor Dominator Mosquito Control Trap

  1. Mary-Ann

    Attracts a few different types of insects but the mosquito numbers have significantly decreased.

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  2. Jocelyn

    Hard to know if it is trapping mozzies but it’s sure attracting moths

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  3. Nicole H.

    We can use our outside patio again, previously we’d get eaten alive. Also our dog isn’t getting attacked by mosquitoes, whereas last year we could see them swarming around her as she tried to sleep. So yes, very happy.

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  4. Margarete Lethorn

    Awesome, it works

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  5. Robert

    Best thing since sliced bread. Really works well. Can use the back yard with no mosquito problems. Highly recommend. Thanks

    2 out of 2 people found this helpful. Was this review helpful to you?
  6. Jarrad Webb

    Works grate I’ve had this product running for about 2 months straight 24/7 its captured 1000s of masquitos and moths!!

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  7. drpatrickmcclure

    Like a couple of others have mentioned, I was skeptical that the thing would be any good. However, I have to say that it has been one of the best purchases I have made since coming to Oz. Our plot size is about 700m2 and at night the outdoors were a complete no-go area because of Mozzies. Immediately after getting the trap (with Octanol lures) the bugs disappeared! The lures actually last nearly 5 months (or 1st one did for me, at least). NOTICEABLE increase in Mozzies when lure dies.

    Cannot recommend product enough. Don’t know why everyone in Oz in a Mozzie prone area doesn’t have one.

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  8. jeffrey SUTTON

    Not enough help to explain the products

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  9. Gary Roberts

    I have tried all products on the market to repel nuisance mosquitos from my yard and I must say the Pestrol Outdoor Dominator Mosquito Trap has exceeded all expectations.

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  10. Nancy B.

    Looks like the dominator is doing its job. Had for just over a month and it has cleared the back garden of flying bugs.
    Makes the garden a lot more pleasurable experience now. Many thanks pestrol

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  11. Greville

    I was a bit sceptical of the Dominator at first but was fed up with the usual bug (moth) zappers that did nothing to solve our mozzie problem. Summer socials were looming and in desperation I decided to cover all my bases with the big Dominator (thinking if this doesn’t help then I’ll just give up and pretend the outdoor entertainment area doesn’t exist) and it’s done a brilliant job of making our outdoor entertainment area useable again. The area was virtually unbearable from sunset due to a lot of bush on neighbouring properties forming a perfect environment for mozzies.

    It took about 4 weeks with running the Dominator at night only – with fewer and fewer mozzies in the trap every morning – and then there were just none. We searched in the usual places (especially behind the cushions in the outdoor furniture where we would get at least 3 mozzies per cushion) but couldn’t find any. Nothing!

    This product has done exactly what I bought it for and has allowed us to sit outside and enjoy the summer evenings again.

    3 out of 3 people found this helpful. Was this review helpful to you?
  12. Pamela Blaszczynski

    Was this review helpful to you?
  13. Linda Barnes

    Didn’t cover an area more than about 30ft.

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  14. Anonymous

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  15. Andrew Camilleri

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  16. matthewcrooke

    I live on acreage backing onto south pine river just outside of Brisbane, we just moved here recently and I have been watching the mozzies buzzing around outside and finding their way inside too. We have a lot of trees around so not a lot of breeze, with the creek we are a perfect mozzie breading ground.

    I’ve setup the trap just outside the outdoor entertaining area mid week, Saturday night we were outside and none of us got bitten by a single mozzie. I do occasionally see a mozzie on his way to the trap but no bites since we’ve had it running. I’ve been running it around the clock to clear out all the mozzies in the area, and already I’ve noticed a big difference in half a week. I see a lot less mozzies floating around the property and almost none around the house.

    The unit seems to attract a bunch of other bugs as well, I’ll be getting some more of these, really happy with the result.

    3 out of 4 people found this helpful. Was this review helpful to you?
  17. Jenny

    It works!

    We live next to a water reservoir at Lake Macquarie in NSW, and have had terrible issues with mosquitoes for the last 12 years. We only had to walk outside to be swarmed by these horrid pests. Needless to say we haven’t been able to enjoy our outdoor living areas in summer. I decided to give the Outdoor Dominator a go and purchased one in October. To my relief it hasn’t disappointed! Instead of hundreds of mosquitoes buzzing around we now have only a few! Pestrol have been an awesome company to deal with, quick to respond to enquiries and they have a superfast delivery service.

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