Scary unwanted RATS MICE ROACHES

Pestrol rodent free

We all know the common ways of controlling the common Rodent in the house, there’s a few;



you’re constantly cleaning up, thinking about the poisons or little blocks that little children need to stay away from, don’t get me wrong they work , but seriously you hear too many instances of poisons causing problems, and not only that too many different  types, which are just thrown out there, its sickening, Dont get me wrong i was once one of these users, the good in this method is its quick, easy, and it works, but ask yourself, are the pro’s higher than the con’s?


Catch traps-

typically baited with  casual cheese as bait which let me add isn’t really that effective, what’s the point, ok you might get lucky but is it worth it when they are placed around the home, at any point snapping, or clutching onto your hand, they are great to physically catch them without the mess of a dead rodent ( unless you use the snaptraps) but you would then have to dispose of the problem, how often do you see a happy RAT.

Now the problem with the above is they are Baits: (Bait; luring, bait as a luring substance).

You never want to see or think you have rats/mice in your house, so why not use a preventative? these creatures spread disease easier than it is to write this blog, jokes aside, we are looking at Salmonellosis, Rat-Bite Fever, Lymphocytic Chorio-meningitis (LCM), and thats just only the beginning, Air conditioners? roof wiring?Source: Rats/Mice


Look im not trying to create a panic just strongly believe that homes without the Pestrol Rodent free are living in risk!.

With our product the  free, you can place the unit in any powerpoint turn it on, that’s it. Ive been using the rodent free since starting employment with the firm many years ago, without EVER seeing a rat, mice or cockroach!, thats a LONG time, i always get asked “do they really work?” i respond : “you shouldnt believe me or go on my word, try it and if your not 100% return it!”

Full home coverage, money back guarantee, 2 year warranty, thousands who have been completely satisfied with the product, how can you even compete with that, i can’t even give family members a unit as if word got out i would have my entire extended family knocking on my door to aquire one of these little beauties! . Call 1800 33 88 88 for more, just ask to speak to me, and if i can’t proove to you the reason to have one right away, ill give you a unit free to try and SHOW you how it sells itself, when it comes to protecting my home against rats, mice and cockraoches i dont take ANY shortcuts, Call me today!

Charbel Arida

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