The Mozzie Collector. The Latest In Mosquito Control

Latest mosquito control for Australia and New Zealand markets.

Whilst Pestrol has numerous products to control mosquitoes inside and outside.

  • Pestrol Indoor Mosquito Trap: Mozzie Assassin
  • Pestrol Outdoor Mosquito Trap: Outdoor Exterminator: covers up to 1/2 acre
  • Pestrol Outdoor Mosquito Control Trap: Outdoor Dominator: covers up to 1 acre.
  • Outdoor Mosquito Bugeater: Control mosquitoes by drowning.

There latest product may take a little more time; but the new Mozzie Collector attacks the breeding cycle.

The mozzie collector from Pestrol targets the larvae and interupts the breeding cycle.

For more information and environmentally friend pest control prodcuts

Pestrol has just launched our new patented product for the long term control of mosquitoes in our back yards.

  • Proven highly effective at eliminating mosquitoes
  • Targets only mosquitoes – does not harm beneficial insects or the environment
  • Covers up to 4000 metres or 1 acre of land
  • Environmentally friendly- safe around kids and pets (uses no poisons!)
  • Easy to use
  • Scientifically proven

Remove mosquitoes inexpensive and through our “green” way to virtually eliminate mosquitoes in your Australian property. Unlike insecticides and other poisons, the Pestrol Mozzie Collector Traps do not harm beneficial insects such as honey bees and butterflies.

Open up your box of mosquito traps and separate the various pieces.

Place one of the clear buckets on a flat surface such as a table or countertop.

Locate the ascension barrier (a clear round ring with 6 small cones on it).

Place the ascension barrier into the clear bucket with the cones facing up.
It will rest on a ledge located approximately halfway down inside the bucket.

Next place the black funnel into the bucket and press on the sides to snap it in place.

Please note: If the lip of the funnel does not touch the lip of the bucket when you put it in, the ascension barrier is probably upside down, or is not resting on the inside bucket ledge properly. Reposition if necessary.

Locate the handle and snap the two ends into the handle notches located on the outer edge of the funnel.

Now that your first trap is assembled, repeat the process for the other traps.

Using water from any source, fill the traps high enough to reach the rough area located on the inside top edge of the funnel. 

Each trap holds approximately 2.5 liters of water.

We suggest that you check the water level every two weeks and replenish it as necessary.

If you need to add water to the traps more than once every two weeks, it is likely due to pets or wild animals drinking from the traps.

Place one attractant tablet in each trap.

(Remember, the tablets are made from a harmless byproduct of rice and will not harm your pets if they drink the treated water.)

To further enhance the effectiveness of the Larvae traps, we recommend that every thirty days you add one attractant tablet to each trap.

You are now ready to place the traps as close to the corners of your property as you can, spacing them between 50m and 60m feet apart.

We recommend placement in shady areas but not directly under bushes that shed leaves year round. When placed directly under one of these bushes, the falling leaves tend to clog the Larvae trap opening and reduce its effectiveness.

In approximately 4 weeks you should notice a major reduction of mosquitoes in your yard. After approximately 6 weeks you should be able to enjoy your yard without bothersome mosquitoes annoying you.

We recommend you maintain your mosquito traps throughout the mosquito season to prevent re-infestation from mosquitoes living in neighboring yards.

Enjoy your mosquito free yard all season long!

Mozzie Collector Frequently Asked Questions

  • How high should I fill the Larvae Mosquito Trap with water?
    A. Initially fill the trap to within 2.5cm (1 inch) of the top of the funnel. The mosquito trap works even when overflowing and also when water levels are low but
    above the funnel opening.
  • How often should I change the water? 
    A. Mosquitoes prefer stagnant water so we suggest you limit changing the water to only once per mosquito season.
  • How many attractant tablets should I add and how often? 
    A. For best results, we recommend placing one tablet per month into the water in each trap.
  • How many Larvae traps do I need and how far apart do I place them? 
    A. Our research shows that 4 traps placed 60metres (200 feet) apart will cover 4000metres (1 acre) under normal conditions.
  • How long after I put the Mosquito traps out will it take to see a significant reduction in the number of mosquitoes in my yard?
A. These traps work with nature to virtually eliminate the mosquito population in your yard during a 30-45 day period.
  • Can I buy less than 4 traps?
    A. Currently the Mozzie Collector Traps are only sold in boxes of 4. We suggest on small lots that you share with your neighbour to improve your coverage area.
  • Do you ship to countries outside of the Australia?
    A. Yes. Please contact us for applicable shipping charges.

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