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Are rabbits destroying your landscaping? Looking for a non-harmful way of getting rid of rabbits? These are probably the cutest pests that can invade your property, but that doesn’t make them any less destructive. Rabbits will feed on your garden plants, trees, grass, berry plants and landscaping leaving a trail of destruction in their wake. Rabbits also pose the risk of spreading diseases such as tularemia to you and your pet.

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Rabbit Symptoms + Quick facts

  • Rabbit poop
  • Seeing the actual animal
  • Damaged vegetation
  • Rabbits often have smaller pests on them
  • They could spread these pests to your property
  • Rabbits cause millions of damage yearly in Australia

Pestrol’s Rabbit Control Products

  • Electronic animal repellers
  • Live traps
  • Water jet repellers
  • They are humane, safe and effective