Water Based Animal Repellers – Do They Work?

water-based animal repellors

From time to time, an animal will stray into your yard when you are not around and either destroy your garden or defecate there, living a mess that you will have to clean up. We can’t always be around keeping watch and scaring away all the animals that stray into our compounds. That’s why most of us enlist the help of professional devices to scare away animals on our behalf.

Aside from being where they are not wanted and causing a big mess, animals aren’t really our enemies. So it would not be justifiable to kill or hurt all animals that set foot on your yard. This is what makes animal repellers really useful. They will not cause any harm to the animal but only make it uncomfortable enough to leave your garden.

One such device is the solar water animal repeller. This device uses a jet of water to scare away animals out of your yard without serious consequence to the animal.

How Water Animal Repellers Work

Water animal repellers use a strong water jet to scare away animals that enter your compound. The device is fitted with a motion detector that only activates it when an animal gets within range.

The motion sensor needs power to operate. So, the device uses a combination of rechargeable batteries and a solar panel unit placed on top of the device. The solar panel charges the batteries when the sun is up to make sure the device functions at night and when the solar intensity is not high enough – pretty nifty huh?

Once triggered by the moving animal, the device emits a strong water jet that startles the animal, effectively scaring it out of your yard. The jet is only on for a few seconds so as to conserve water and avoid flooding the area.

Why this device works

The water animal repeller woks because it creates a memorable yet unpleasant experience as a result of combining several factors, including

–    A sudden noise that is unexpected.
–    Movement that surprises the animal.
–    A spray of water that adds to the surprise.

With several attempted entries – failed entries—the animal will eventually associate this unpleasantness with that location and stop trying.

Benefits of water based repellers

There are several benefits to be gained from using these devices to repel animals from your property. Some of these benefits include:

  1. Environmental safety – These devices use no chemicals or any components that can cause harm to the environment. The star of this show is plain regular water.
  2. No harm is done to the animals – This device will cause no harm to the animals it scares off your property – maybe a little wetness.
  3. Easy to install and maintain – Just find a good spot to place the device (preferably an area with minimal human traffic), attach a regular water hose and that’s it. The batteries get recharged by the device so replacement is not regularly required.
  4.  It works on a variety of animals. Be it birds, possums, dogs, cats, snakes or rabbits. The water repeller will scare them away.

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