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Wasp Control: The Wasp Trap

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At certain times of the year flying insects including yellow jackets, hornets and wasps can become extremely problematic. It can become difficult to sit outdoors and enjoy a meal or to sit outside on a porch and enjoy the nice weather. A wasp trap can be the answer to your problem and is a very simple and inexpensive device.

The Pestrol Wasp Trap requires a used softdrink bottle and is easy to assemble using that bottle. The kit includes a bottle tube that is perforated and has two sections, an adaptor cap that sits on the tube and a plastic flower trap for the top. Once you have the kit in hand along with a used bottle, simply fill the bottle with a small amount of full sugar softdrink, sugar water, beer or make your own attractant using 2 cups of fruit juice, 3 tablespoons of sugar, two pieces of raw meat or cat food, water with sugar, sweet vinegar and a little beer or wine.

Once you have filled the bottle with some attractant, it is ready to be hung up nearby. The wasp trap is irresistible to hornets, yellow jackets and wasps. Once these insects get into the trap they cannot escape, and they ultimately die inside of the bottle. The trap should be hung away from the area that you use for sitting outside. The trap works all day, day in and day out and does not “break down”. It is a durable item that can be reused as often as you need to use it.

When the bottle has filled with dead bugs, you do not have to deal with it at all. Simply unscrew the trap attachment from the top of the bottle, put the original cap for the bottle back on and then throw it away. The bottle can be recycled if you prefer, but you will need to clean it out first by rinsing it and removing all of the dead insects.

The wasp trap can be hung from a tree branch or attached to a bracket and is a cost effective way of dealing with the problem of wasps outside. быстрый займ на кивизайм онлайн на яндекс деньгизайм без кредитной истории

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