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Spider Control: To Kill or Capture

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How to control spiders in your home?

With at least 43,000 documented species, spiders are quite a common pest in many homes. Although they exist in a wide range of sizes and colours, spiders are easily recognised by their eight legs.

In most home infestation cases, the spiders (usually the Common House Spider or Cellar Spider) do not bite.  The few that do are not lethal and will result in mild symptoms that should wear off in a few hours. But other times the bite could be lethal so it’s best to be careful. Dangers aside, a lot of people are just plain terrified of spiders!

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Spiders can be a real nuisance when they get into your home. They usually settle in tiny spaces that are both warm and dark such as air vents, wall corners, cracks and eaves. Although most spiders that invade the house don’t bite, they cause an unsightly mess when they spin their webs all over the house. These take a lot of time and effort to clean.

Most spiders are predators and come into your home in search of food – insects. Spiders, just like people, also move indoors when the weather outside is rainy or cold.

How to control spiders in your home?

When you have a spider infestation problem, you can use one of two methods to control them: kill or capture them. Both have their advantages and limitations. We shall discuss both and look at the products available in both methods.

Capture method

This is the non-lethal method of controlling spiders in your home. You use a device to capture the spider and then release it outside your house. The advantages of this method include:

1.    Environmental friendliness. This method does not use any chemicals, it only requires a mechanical device to capture the bug.

2.    Safety. Since it uses no chemicals, it is safe for both humans and pests.

3.    Ease of use. These kind of devices are generally easy to use.

The capturing method also has a few limitations. They:

1.    Require user intervention since you have to manually capture and release the pest.

2.    Are not suitable for controlling large infestations.

The Pestrol Spider Catcher is one such device that can be used to capture spiders. It comes in variations of different lengths to suit different needs.

Extermination method.

This method uses pesticides to get rid of the spiders in your home. Advantages of this method include:

1.    Wider range. Pesticides will mix with the air and reach spaces that you could never reach and kill the pests.
2.    Minimum user intervention. All you need to do is apply the pesticide and you are done.
3.    Control of other pests. Pesticides are ‘broad spectrum’ and will kill other unwanted insects inside your house in addition to spiders.

The disadvantages are:

1.    Use of chemicals. Pesticides use chemicals which some people might not prefer to use.
2.    Dead spiders. Pesticides will leave a mess of dead spiders in your house once they have done the job.

The Pestrol Ultra dispenser is the perfect spider killing solution. It emits a fine mist of natural pyrethrins into the air after a pre-set interval and will kill all bugs within range.

Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages with the final decision depending on your personal preference.

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