Pest Traps – Humane and Effective

What are the benefits of using traps over other pest control methods?

Pests are a major nuisance when they invade your property. Luckily, there are numerous ways to get rid of them.  The choice depends on the situation and your preferences.

You can choose between insecticides, electric zappers, baits, deterrents and traps. In this post, we shall focus on traps, their advantages and the different kinds available for you to choose from.

There is a trap for almost every pest out there. Technological improvements over the years have made traps more effective than ever before. Traps can now control pests as effectively as other methods previously thought to be superior. There are several reasons behind why traps are the better option when it comes to pest control.

What are the benefits of using traps over other pest control methods?

1.    They are humane. Traps – and especially those for larger animals – will not cause any physical harm to the captured animals. This is especially beneficial for the control of wild animals as killing them would be both inhumane and sometimes illegal. Traps enable you to release the captured wild animal back to its habitat without endangering your safety or that of the animal.

2.    They are cost effective. Unlike other pest control methods such as insecticides, traps are a one-time purchase. After you buy one, the trap can be re-used for a long time without requiring replacement. All you need to do is release the trapped animal and reset the trap.

3.    Low maintenance. Traps do not require a lot of maintenance. You will only need to place them and check every once in a while for any trapped animals. Those that use glue boards to capture pests will only require you to switch out the glue board every so often.

4.    Perfect for chemical sensitive areas. Some areas where pest control is required may not allow the use of chemicals due to the sensitive activities taking place such as food preparation. For this areas, traps are the only feasible method of controlling pests as they emit no chemicals into the air.

5.    They are discreet. Traps work silently to get rid of pests. They do not produce noise or emit any odours. If placed out of sight, no one will know they exist.

6.    They are hygienic. Unlike other pest control methods that will kill pests and live their bodies lying around, traps clean after themselves. Whether dead or alive, the pest will remain inside the trap away from sight until you safely get rid of it.

7.    Traps are easy to use. Traps are probably the easiest pest control method to use. They are easy to set up and maintain. All you need to do is place them strategically then check on them at regular intervals.

8.    Environmentally friendly. Traps are very safe for the environment unlike other pest control methods. They do not emit any chemicals that harm the environment and their durability ensures that landfills are not full of disposed trap scraps.

9.    Pest specific. Traps will only kill the pest they were designed to kill. Any other animals such as pets and beneficial insects such as bees remain safe when the trap is deployed.

10.  Safe. Safety for humans is of major concern when it comes to pest control. Traps are safe and non-toxic ensuring both your safety and that of your family.

Pestrol offers a variety of traps to help you control pests at home or in your business premises.

Some of our traps are:

Pestrol Wasp Trap. This device turns any empty soda bottle into a wasp trap. All you need to do is to fill the empty bottle quarter- way with an attractant (regular soda, beer or sugary water). Screw the daisy flower shaped top trap onto the bottle and the trap is ready. Place the trap a safe distance from human traffic and that’s it! The trap looks like a flower to wasps and once they get inside, they can’t get out.

Once the trap is full, replace the trap cap with a regular cap and dispose of the bottle with the rest of your garbage. This trap offers an affordable way of controlling wasps, hornets and yellow jackets outdoors.

Bed Bug Glue Traps. Bed bugs can cause you a lot of sleepless nights. The bed bug glue traps are designed to trap bed bugs for early detection. These traps will help you nip in the bud a new bed bug infestation before it gets out of hand. Just slip the traps under your mattress, couch and other possible hiding places and you are good to go.


No Fly Cone. Flies are both annoying and a health hazard. The No Fly Cone is designed to capture flies at their breeding spots. Flies usually lay their eggs in cattle, horse and dog faeces. The fly cone once used to cover the pooper-scoopers or stool will capture all insects flying in to lay eggs without attracting others.

Pestrol Multi Rat Catch. This trap gives you a humane alternative for rodent control. It can trap up to twenty rodents at a time making it very efficient. The trap is made from galvanised metal making it strong and durable. It features a compact design that enables it to fit in small places and can be used indoors or outdoors.

Pestrol Multi Rat Catch.

Pestrol Flea Trap. Fleas are capable of making your life very uncomfortable once they invade your home. They hide in your clothes, rugs, carpets, and on your pet’s fur. The flea trap is an electrical device designed to monitor and control fleas in your home. This device uses LEDs to attract fleas into the device where they are trapped by adhesive sheets. The device works best at night when other lights are off and captures both adult fleas and their larvae.

Pestrol Flea Trap.

Traps are one of the most (if not the most) effective yet affordable methods of controlling pests. They only get rid of the targeted species without causing harm to the rest. Pestrol’s traps are built to the highest of standards using high-quality materials to ensure effectiveness and durability for a long time. получить займ на qiwi онлайнзайм экспресс ухтаонлайн займ на неименную карту

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