Something You Can Thank Your Mum For – Or Not


What did you inherit from your parents?

Did you get your mother’s gorgeous thick hair? Your dad’s clear skin? Or maybe you inherited genetic traits from your parents that aren’t that great? For example; sensitive skin, thin dry hair or a very short stature! If the following research is to be believed I know exactly what I inherited off my mum – the ability to be bitten alive to within an inch of an itchy death by mosquitoes.

*Click Here for Article Originally Seen in The NZ Herald

Mosquitoes can be the bane of your existence especially if you are one of the lucky (or not lucky) people who seem to get bitten often and whenever. So you need to take some precautions because as the research now shows, if the mosquitoes are anywhere near you; they will bite you.

What can you do? Use effective repellents, utilise mosquito traps and use creams and liquids that can ward off mozzies!

Give yourself the best chance of having fun in these situations if mozzies are likely to bite you don’t you want to be talking about how good your weekend was? Not that the mozzie were terrible?

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