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New TV Advert For Our Bug Gun

Check out our new ad for TV for our Bug Gun insect and spider catcher:


Everyone hates spiders.

But now there’s an ingenious solution.

The Pestrol Bug gun.

It’s fast! Safe! And incredibly effective.

The amazing Bug gun is so precise you can grab bugs and insects without any fear.

  • Simply release them outside or dispose of them instantly.
  • No costly exterminators.
  • No toxic chemicals.
  • The bug guns secret? These specially designed fibres that grab onto bugs and don’t let go,
  • until you pull the trigger.
  • Great for catching spiders, ‘roaches and moths.
  •  It’s easy! Release them outside
  • or dispose of them instantly.
  • Avoid painful insect bites!
  • Call now and get the amazing Bug gun for just forty nine ninety with this special TV OFFER

INCLUDES this handy storage hook, to keep your Bug gun at hand.

PLUS a practice spider, to show how easy it is to grab a creepy crawly .

But that’s not all.

Order your Pestrol Bug gun NOW and get two for the price of one.

That’s right! Two for just forty nine ninety.

But Hurry! Call one eight hundred, double three, double eight, double eight or go to

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