How to Get Rid of Mice

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Once you have definitively discovered that you have a mouse problem, the next thing that you need to do is find a way to get rid of mice. Mice can cause a wide range of issues including structural damage to your home. Mice spread diseases through their faeces and the parasites that they carry, and they also carry bacteria and viruses.

One of the more serious dangers is that you may breathe in particles of mouse saliva, urine or droppings which can be released into the air if you try to sweep up any mouse “evidence”. If you plan to clean up any droppings or nesting materials, spray them down first with a disinfectant and wear gloves and disposable mask.

Mice are a nocturnal animal with very poor eyesight, but they do have an extremely sharp sense of hearing and smell. These senses allow them to easily sense predators and locate food sources. Colder weather drives many animals to seek warmth inside your home and if they find a source of food, you are going to have a difficult time finding a way to get rid of mice.

Looking for signs that mice are in your home?

There are certain signs that are a definite indication of a mouse infestation. If you find mouse droppings or see items that have been chewed you have probably got a mouse problem. You may be able to hear mice moving around in your walls at night.

Most of the time you won’t actually see a mouse because they are so fast that they scoot at light speed through rooms and you may only see a flash of something and wonder if your eyes are deceiving you. By the time you realize that you may have seen a mouse, it is too late.

Remember, if you see one mouse, you probably have a lot more than that. Where there is one mouse, there are many and mice can multiply very quickly. A single female can produce 10 litters of six babies per year and those babies are ready to reproduce in just 30 days!

Why do you need to get rid of mice?

Mice are destructive and can cause an electrical fire by chewing through wiring. They can destroy insulation, fiberglass, foam and can gnaw through a variety of materials including doors, furniture, trim, cabinets and the framework of your home’s structure. The cost to repair this damage can add up quickly and if you are trying to sell your home, you won’t have much luck once the infestation is discovered by a potential buyer.

Mice waste more food by contaminating it than they eat. What you will discover are packages of food with holes chewed in them which is an indication that mice have been into it. You will need to throw those items out that have been contaminated by mice to avoid the risk of becoming ill.

How do you get rid of mice?

One of the first things that people think of is poison, but this is not a very safe or effective method, especially if you have pets. The mouse eats the poison and dies and then your pet eats the mouse which puts your pet at risk of becoming sick.

Poisoned mice often crawl off somewhere to die a slow and painful death, usually in an inaccessible place like the walls of your home. Soon you may notice a very bad smell from the mice that are dead in your walls. This is one of the main reasons that you do not want to poison a mouse, because it is impossible to remove the mice from the walls of your home once they die without making holes in your walls.

The starting point is to find areas where the mice are getting into your home. You will need to seal as many cracks and small spaces as you can – including areas around pipes, doors, vents, windows and wires. If pipes cannot be blocked off, you can put mesh wiring over them or add steel wool inside of the pipe. Place weather stripping around doors and install a chimney cap if you have a chimney in your home.

Another important step to get rid of mice is to clean your entire house. You will need to get rid of any clutter or garbage that is lying around. Make certain that all food that is lying around is in sealed containers, in a freezer or bagged up. Pet and livestock food should be stored in airtight containers. If you compost, be sure to place the box far away from your house.

Place peppermint oil saturated cotton balls around areas of your home where you think mice are getting in. Mice do not like the odour and will go to great lengths to avoid it.

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Pestrol has Suitable Solutions to Get Rid of Mice

Pestrol Rodent Free devices combine ionic, electromagnetic and ultrasonic technologies to help keep your home mouse free. Mice do not like the sound or vibe of these devices and they tend to stay far away from them. These devices work best in combination with the other measures listed above.

Pestrol Mice Device is a long tubular trap for narrow spaces. You can insert several of these traps to catch live mice and then transport them to a location far away from your home and release the mice there. It isn’t likely that mice will return to your home if you take them several miles away and release them.

Pestrol Mouse Traps have a small opening on the top that funnels into a trap. Once mice are inside the trap they cannot get out. After you have collected several mice in this live humane trap, you can take them to a remote location and release them there. This method works best if you have access to a large open field in a remote area where you can take the mice and release them.

If you think that you have mice, take action right away. The longer you leave the problem to develop, the worse it will become. You certainly don’t want to be dealing with a mouse infestation that is out of control. Pestrol has a variety of solutions that will definitely get rid of mice.

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