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Living in Australia comes with many different challenges.

Generally there are not too many things to complain about.

However, having snakes in your back yard for many people is a very serious concern. Whilst snakes are dangerous animals and regardless of what method of repelling you consider. Always be aware that snake are wild animals and don’t always act as we expect them to do so.

Over the last 5 years many people have considered using solar snake repellers. Whilst they have been a very popular purchase by many. We look into some of the things to be aware of.

Pestrol Australia that is one of Australia’s largest eco friendly do it yourself pest control solutions has been involved in snake repellers right from the beginning.

How they work: Snake repellers generally look like a large mushroom. They have a solar panel unit on the top that recharges the electronics. Most repellers send out vibrations and sounds that are used to scare off snakes. Often people will purchase numerous snake repellers to create a wall of protection.

Each year in Australia many pets are bitten by snakes and many cosumers by anit snake repellers for this reason.

As many cheaper units flood onto the market: Here is a check list to consider:

  • Cheaper units often have cheaper components and are less efficient.
  • Ensure you buy from a reputable suppiler. Often the seals around the snake repeller solar panel are poorly connected. After a rain storm often they can leak and cheaper units are renderred useless.
  • Always purchase a snake repeller with an aliminium shaft. This ensure the vibration is dispersed better into the ground for scaring snakes away.
  • Make sure you select a snake repeller that you can turn of the sound option. The pestrol unit has that ability to only have vibration option only. Trust me if you live in a uban environment your neighbours will love you for that.
  • Make sure the snake control repeller has the ability to change the rechargeable batteries. Many cheaper units you can’t gain access to repalce them.
Pestrol has just release there most advanced snake repeller in November of 2014. With rapid charge, the most advanced solar panel on the market, replaceable batteries. pulse – sound variation settings and all that wrapped up with a 30 day money back guarantee.

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