Flies, How to get rid of

How Do I Get Rid of Flies


Flies are an annoying pest that can reproduce quickly and infest your home. These dirty creatures are nature’s clean-up crew and feed on garbage and waste. People are repelled when flies land on them because they are so filthy.

How To Prevent Flies In My Home?

  • Keep windows closed and covered with screens and keep the door closed;
  • Cover up food so that flies cannot land on it before it is consumed;
  • Clean up leftover food and any spills after eating. Clean up areas where food has been prepared;
  • Keep all trash and compost tightly covered;
  • Clean up pet bowls and areas;

What Are Some Home Remedies For Fly Problems?

  • Grow plants outdoors that naturally repel flies including lavender, tansy, bay leaf, nasturtiums, basil and mint.
  • Add eucalyptus oil to cloth strips and hang them around the windows.
  • Place lemon halves on window sills and about 20 cloves to them.
  • Hang a bag of water over your exterior doors. It is not clear how it is that this works but the theory is that it is visually confusing to flies.
  • Combine essential oils such as mint, lemongrass, basil, lavender and clove with water and spray around doorways and your kitchen area.

How To Get Rid Of Flies With Pestrol?

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