Foxes, How to get rid of

How Do I Get Rid of Foxes

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Foxes can present problems for Australian homes. If you keep animals like chickens in your yard, then foxes can be lured to your property in search of an easy meal, and the safety of your pets is also an important issue when it comes to this rather cute, but cunning animal. Foxes also like to forage in garden beds, thus destroying your beautiful gardens in the process.

It’s also possible that foxes could be carrying diseases that could prove harmful to both people and pets.

How Do I Get Rid Of Foxes?

The most effective way of keeping foxes at bay is to erect a solid fence around your yard so a fox cannot gain entry in the first place. There will be no way for a fox to get into your yard if it’s adequately fenced, so it’s well worth the investment if foxes are presenting a problem in your neighbourhood.

Also, reducing anything that will attract foxes to your home is another ploy you should always keep firmly in mind. If you keep nesting birds, rabbits and the like, ensure they are housed in a place that a fox can’t gain entry to. With regards to garbage, don’t leave garbage bags lying about. Instead, put all rubbish into a wheelie bin or some other type of bin that isn’t easy for a fox to access.

To keep foxes away during the nighttime, installing sensor lights in your backyard can certainly act as a deterrent.

How Do I Deploy An Animal Trap?

An animal trap won’t hurt the fox. These animals can be lured into the trap with bait, then, once trapped, the fox can be relocated to a more rural area so that it’s no longer a problem.

How Can Pestrol Help Me Get Rid of Foxes?

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