Winter Protection Package – Vermin Repellers

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3x Rodent Free units (home) and 1x Impact Ultrasonic Rodent Repeller (Garage) and 1x Pestrol Solar Animal Away – Elite (Yard)

Position 3x Rodent free units in your home. Place the Impact Ultrasonic Rodent Repeller in your garage or roof cavity to repel rats and mice. Add a Pestrol Solar Animal Away – Elite in your backyard to help keep your home completely rodent free!


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Vermin Repellers

Our Winter Protection Package – Vermin Repellers is made up of 3 separate types of Vermin Control Products:

By purchasing the complete winter protection package for Vermin Repellers you save over $66 dollars.

The Pestrol Rodent Free is designed with 3 main technologies:

  1. Ionic – aids in cleaning the air so that there are fewer smells to attract rodents.
  2. Ultrasonic – there is a small speaker in the unit itself that provides additional benefit in the room that you place the unit.
  3. Electromagnetic – The main technology in this Pestrol Rodent free: It sends a sound or vibration through the wiring in your homes, sounds that we can’t hear but rodents can. As it gets into places we can’t often get access to, the rodents are distressed from the sound that comes on and off and simply relocate to find a more peaceful habitat.

The Impact Ultrasonic Repeller

The unit has 2 ultrasonic speakers and this is perfect for areas like carports or garages where there is not a lot of internal wiring, however, there is a lot of open space which make ultrasonic sounds great for filling space without too much obstruction.

The Solar Animal Away Elite

Solar powered and works on the basis of changing ultrasonic sounds and audible sounds to help and repel rodents, birds and unwanted animals.

If you need further assistance and more information on our range of Electronic Vermin Repellers please e-mail us or call us on 1800 33 88 88 so we can assist you further with suggestions, placement of the units etc.




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