Pestrol Insect Screens 1.2m x 30m - 1 roll
Insect mesh screens
Pestrol Insect Screens 1.2m x 30m - 1 roll

Insect Screens 1.2m x 30m – 1 Roll

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Pestrol Fly Force Field – 1.2m x 30m – x1


Pestrol Fly Force Insect Shield 1.2m x 30m

Flies driving you mad? Are you in need of fly screens? 



Fly Screens ( Insect Screens) not only keep flies and other insects out of your home but may also help improve the indoor air quality.

Pestrol Fibreglass Insect Screening products are precision woven, using the highest quality materials, for consistent reliability and lasting performance.

Pestrol Fibreglass Insect Screening is economical and easy to install.

The Insect screen features excellent visibility through the screen Fibreglass is ideal for screening windows and doors in all areas.

In addition with PVC coated yarn it is pliable and flexible, it is also UV stabilised to ensure a long life span.

Pestrol insect screens are made of a woven fibreglass yarn coated with PVC to make it waterproof, rust proof, non-combustible, stain resistant and easy to clean. This type of mesh usually comes in a standard charcoal colour and is fantastic for excluding flies, bees, wasps, mosquitoes and other insects.


Size: 30m x 120cm x 1mm

Benefits of Insect Screens


They will protect you from flies and insects

* They will allow fresh air to enter your home for ventilation purposes and allowing a fresh breeze without the bugs that usually come with it!

* Insect screens block the pathway of outside objects such as dust, rubbish or garden mess.

* With  insect screens you can now open your doors and windows without having to worry about flies and insects. This allows you to save on lighting by letting the sunshine across your rooms. It also allows you to save on cooling/heating costs by allowing the cool breeze to enter your home, allowing it to cool down during Summer and letting the sun and its warmth to enter during chilly days.

*  Designed to add a touch of elegance and class to your home and give your home a contemporary look.


With thousands of satisfied customers don’t delay order now.

Pestrol – Alternative pest control products advertised on Radio and TV Australia wide.

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