Bird Control – Nets, Spikes And Repellers. What’s The Difference?

Birds are generally harmless creatures that peacefully coexist with humans with little conflict; that is until they venture into areas where they are not supposed to be. When birds invade your property, they cease being the beautiful creatures that we admire and become stubborn pests that we need to get rid of – and with good reason.

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When they invade your property, birds will cause a lot of problems for the owner and inhabitants of the property. Some of the problems associated with a bird infestations include:

1.    Damage to buildings and structures. Birds cause damage to buildings and structures in two ways:

 •    With their Droppings. Bird droppings are responsible for most of the serious and visible problems associated with pest birds. They contain uric acid, a substance with a pH of 3 – 3.5, that can corrode most building materials including steel and stone. If unchecked this corrosion can cause significant damage to buildings and structures that would cost a lot to repair. The aesthetic value of the structure is also destroyed making it less attractive.

•    With their Nests. A nest is the equivalent of a house to birds and when they move into your premises, they’ll surely build several. When built in drains and gutters, nests will block the drainage system resulting to standing water which causes damage to the roof.

2.    Noise. When birds gather in large numbers they often produce incessant and irritating noise that can disrupt activities going on inside and around the premises.

3.    Health hazard. Dried-out bird droppings contain disease-causing micro-organisms that could spread to humans through inhalation, thus posing a health risk.

4.    Accidents. Fresh bird droppings can cause slip and fall accidents that can result in serious injuries. (Source:

It is these problems that necessitate the deployment of bird control solutions to keep pest birds away. There are several types of bird control solutions that you could use to keep pest birds off your property. These solutions work by inhibiting perching and roosting, scaring the birds away or by restricting the entry of birds into the area being protected.

Bird Control Spikes

Also called anti-roosting spikes or simply bird spikes, these devices consist of long rods that project into the air attached to a solid base. They can either be constructed using stainless steel or UV resistant polycarbonates. Spikes are ideal for protecting building ledges, commercial signage, street lighting, pipes and other narrow structures from perching and roosting.

The outward projecting rods make it impossible for birds to perch on the protected areas without causing any harm to them.

Some advantages of this method of bird control include:

–    Ease of use. You just attach them to the area that needs protection with a special adhesive and that’s it.
–    Eco-friendliness. They don’t use chemicals or cause harm to the birds.
–    They require very little maintenance.


Bird Repellers

Bird repellers keep birds out of your premises by scaring them away. They can either use sound, visuals, motion or water to scare away birds.

1.    Sound repellers. As the name suggests, these repellers use sound to scare away intruding birds. The sound can either be ultrasonic (inaudible to humans) or just the normal audible sound from a loudspeaker. Ultrasonic repellers have a limited range of effectiveness and are thus suitable for small areas such as yards and small gardens. Since audible sound can travel for longer distances, the loudspeaker repellers are used for larger areas such as farms, orchards and large gardens.

2.    Visual repellers. This work the same way as scarecrows. They can be in the form of predatory birds to scare away smaller birds or high visibility tape that scatters light and moves in the wind to scare away birds.

3.    Water repellers. Water repellers are motion activated devices that emit a jet of water to scare away birds within their range. They are suitable for yards, gardens and other areas where wetness is not an issue.

Bird Netting

Netting keeps birds away by preventing access. They offer a cheap and effective way of keeping birds out of buildings, open warehouses, or overhangs where birds get into the rafters and beams. These nets are built especially for this kind of application and feature a strong and lightweight construction for durability and easy installation.

Pestrol bird control products provides all these and more products to help you keep birds off your property effectively without causing harm to them or the environment.

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