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If you have a bird problem in your home or business and you’re looking for a humane way to keep them at bay, invest in effective bird deterrents from Pestrol.  Water repellers, electronic bird repellers, inflatable scary face repellers, and even repellent tape will keep birds away without harming them.

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  • Bird Repellent Coil
  • Electronic Bird RepellerElectronic Bird Repeller

    Electronic Bird Repeller

    (9) $149.90

    Pestrol Electronic Bird Repeller for the control of birds, possums, rabbits, dogs, cats and much, much more.

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  • Solar Ultrasonic RepellerSolar Ultrasonic Repeller

    Pestrol Solar Animal Away – Elite

    (13) $159.90

    Pestrol Solar Animal Away Elite

    The latest technology in solar powered animal repelling that includes sonic and ultrasonic capabilities.

    Functions included:

    • 25metre Motion Detection range.
    • Sonic and Ultrasonic settings
    • Flashing Stobe light deterrent
    • Can be powered by alkaline batteries in low light environments.
    • Either hang on a fence, place on a wall or use supplied stake
    • Multiple settings for varying animals
    • Targets: Cats, Dogs, Birds, Possums, Mice, Rats, Rabbits, Ferrets and much more.
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  • Solar Animal Water repeller Spray animal away solar

    Animal Water Repeller – Solar

    (5) $149.90

    Pestrol Animal Water Repeller – Solar

    New and improved.

    Remove unwanted animals from your backyard.

    Better quality and no leaking to ensure your property is safe.

    30 day money back guarantee.

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    bird_remover bird_remover

    Bird Scarer (Heavy Duty) – Scary Eyes Inflatable

    (3) $39.90 $29.90

    Introducing the new and improved heavy duty Scary Eyes Bird Scarer.

    Inflatable and tough rubber balloon makes this stronger than the old school beach ball bird repeller.

    Pestrol Scary Eyes move in the wind and with the special, unique holographic eyes, they follow the pest birds and scare them off as they fly by.

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  • Bird scare repellent tape.Bird scare repellent tape.

    Bird Scare Repellent Tape: Holographic 45 metres x 5cm

    (3) $19.90

    Start repelling birds the easy way.

    Holographic bird scare tape

    45m x 5cm wide.

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    pigeon trap pigeon traps Australia

    Pigeon Trap – Foldable – Humane – Pestrol Australia

    (4) $179.90 $149.90


    • Effective and humane Pigeon Trap to remove unwanted birds.
    • 2 one way entries for the birds to get in, but not get out.
    • Approximately 10 bird capacity.
    • Galvanised mesh
    • Easy removal of captured birds


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    Pestrol Bird ChaserPestrol Bird Chaser

    Pestrol Bird Chaser

    (3) $159.00 $139.00

     The Pestrol Bird Chaser is an electronic bird repeller designed to keep pest birds out of your properties! 

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    Pestrol Bird AwayPestrol Bird Away

    Pestrol Bird Away

    (4) $119.90 $99.00

    The Pestrol Bird Away is designed to keep pest birds out of your properties effectively and humanely!

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    commercial rodent repeller

    Pestrol Commercial Rodent Repeller

    (1) $399.90 $339.90

    The Pestrol Commercial Rodent Repeller is an ultrasonic rodent and bird repeller perfect for use in shops, kitchens, restaurants, supermarkets, food processing factories, warehouses, hospitals, ships, docks, farms and any other place where being rodent free is imperative to the successful running of your business.

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  • Parrot Nesting Box

    Parrot Nesting Box


    Parrot Nesting Box

    Create a safe home for beautiful parrots to nest in around your home.

    Parrot Boxes are a great alternative to relocating parrots closer or further away from your home.

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    Bird and Wildlife Scare Cannon
  • laser bird repellers

    Commercial Bird Repeller | Safe Bird Deterrent Using Lasers


    Commercial Bird Repeller using lasers in an effective, quiet and humane way to remove nesting birds within your commercial buildings.


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  • Anti Bird NettingAnti Bird Netting

    Anti Bird Netting – Light weight extruded

    (2) from: $12.90

    Light weight, humane and easy to install bird netting.

    Colours: Black and White with 4 different size to select from.

    Our  product is UV treated to assist with durability and longevity.

    An effective solution.

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  • Heavy Duty Bird Netting Bird Netting for Australian conditions

    Heavy Duty Bird Netting

    from: $290.00

    Commercial Bird Netting

    50 Metres x 10 Metres

    19mm x 19mm Mesh Size: Heavy Duty Knot Polyethylene Bird Netting

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    Australian Bird NettingAustralian Bird Netting

    Bird Netting 6m x 2.4m

    (1) $29.90 $19.90

    Prevent birds from attacking your trees, bushes and vegetable gardens.

    Easy to install and re-use.

    30 day money back guarantee.

    $11.50 Flat Delivery Fee.

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  • solar panel guard kit Solar Panel Mesh Roll

    Solar Panel Guard Kit

    (14) from: $94.90

    Solar Panel Guard Kit

    Solar Panel Guard Kit protects solar panels from potential damage from rodents, birds, and debris.  A PVC coated wire mesh installed around the perimeter of the solar panels will prevent damage to wiring, corrosion to your roof and stop animal using your panels as their homes.


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    Commercial Solar Panel Fasteners

    Commercial Solar Panel Fasteners – 100 Pack

    $99.90 $89.90

    Commercial Grade Solar Panel Fasteners

    100 pack of aluminium fasteners designed to last in our harsh Australia climate.



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  • solar panel fasteners

    Solar Panel Fasteners – 50 pack

    (4) $49.90

    Solar Panel Fasteners

    50 pack of UV stable nylon fasteners designed to last in our harsh Australia climate.


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  • owl bird repeller Devil Owl Repeller Deterrent

    Owl Bird Repeller – Pestrol Bird and Predator Control

    (2) $24.90

    Owl Bird Repeller from Pestrol helps repel bird and pests while adding an attractive charm to your garden.

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How bird deterrents work

  • Bird deterrents use negative stimuli to repel birds, including:
  • Water
  • Sound – both ultrasonic and sonic
  • Visual scarers
  • Physical barriers

Pestrol’s bird deterring products

  • Sonic and ultrasonic sound repellers
  • Anti-bird netting
  • Bird traps
  • Predator bird scarers
  • Water jet repellers
  • Bird repellent tape