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Is This The Perfect Cat Repeller?

Looks can be deceiving, as is the case with cats.  These cute, cuddly and seemingly harmless creatures might not look the part, but they are definitely capable of causing a lot of problems for you and your property. Feline intruders will dig around your yard using it as their litter box and destroying that beautiful lawn you have endlessly slaved to keep pristine. If you have pets of your own, then the problem becomes a bit more serious as these unwelcome visitors can greatly upset them causing them to negatively change their behaviours.

Wandering cats could also be putting their safety at risk by coming close to your dog or taking a nap under your car. If the cat ends up injured, then you’ll have to perform the difficult task of explaining what happened to its owner. In addition to these, cats, because of their fur, could be carriers of other smaller pests such as fleas and ticks which they could spread to your home or to your pet.

So, you want to keep cats out of your property. Although they might be annoying, you must keep in mind that these intruders might be someone’s beloved pet and therefore care must be taken so as not to harm them while keeping them out. The good news is that you can effectively and humanely keep these stubborn animals out of your property with a single device:

The Pestrol Cat Repeller

Repellers provide the most ideal solution for keeping cats (and other animals) away from your home while still ensuring that no harm comes to them. The Pestrol Cat Repeller is specifically designed for this purpose and will effectively keep stray cats out of your yard.

Pestrol Cat Repeller

How it works

The solar cat repeller uses a combination of high-frequency bursts of ultrasonic sound and high-powered LED strobe lights to scare away trespassing cats. Ultrasonic sound is sound above 20 Hz that is not audible to humans but very unpleasant for cats. The device is motion activated which means that it remains in standby mode until activated by a cat (or other animal) coming within its range.

As the name suggests, this device is solar powered with rechargeable batteries to store power for when there isn’t enough solar intensity to power it. This, combined with its weatherproof construction, enables the device to protect your veggie patch, lawn, flowers or greenhouse with minimal user intervention.

Benefits of using the Pestrol Solar Cat Repeller

There are several benefits of using this device to keep cats out of your property. The Pestrol Solar Cat Repeller is:

1.    Humane. This device will effectively get rid of cats from your property without causing any harm to them. All it does is irritate them enough so that they leave.

2.    Environmentally friendly. Because it uses no chemicals and uses solar energy for power, this device is very safe for the environment.

3.    Easy to use and maintain. With the solar repeller, all you need to do is set it up using the steel stake provided and you are good to go.

Don’t let cats overrun your yard, get rid of them safely and effectively with the Pestrol Solar Cat Repeller.

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