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What is a bird spike?

Stop the spread of diseases, avoid property damage.

People would never tolerate a colony of rats living in their attic, however they will often turn a blind eye towards pigeons entrenched in the rafters of their roofs.  Yet, in terms of disease and damage, the two pests are quite similar.

In New York city, several hundred people came down with mysterious ailments which was eventually traced to seagull droppings in water at city reservoir.  Now, health inspectors will quickly shut down any food processing plants if birds are found inside.  Thousands of cases of food poisoning (Salmonella) every year are attributed to this disease transmission.

As bird feces and the contaminated soil dries, microscopic pieces break off and become airborne.  These particles can contain dormant fungi and bacteria.  When breathed into the lungs it provides a breeding ground for the infectious agents.  Common symptoms of this type of infection are flu like: coughing, elevated temperature, restricted breathing and general body fatigue.  Most of the time your natural defence system will fight off the infection, however in small amount of cases major infections causing long term disability and even death occur.

What is a bird spike?

Pestrol Bird Spikes are the most cost – effective solution available for bird control.  Bird spikes are renowned for longevity, application and the the ease of installation.  These are the benefits:

  1. Extremely easy to install

  2. Almost invisible and it won’t ruin the look of your property.

  3. Can be installed horizontally or upside down.

  4. it is humane and non-lethal way of bird control.

Pestrol also carries a large range of electronic repellers.

Pestrol Bird Away is designed to keep pest birds out of your properties effectively and humanely. Pestrol Bird away incorporates Passive Infrared motion detecting system to monitor a 3 dimensional fan shape area of 70 degree arc at a distance of 12 meters, which is approximately 85 sqm of unobstructed space.

When birds are detected, Pestrol Bird Away will be triggered, which will simultaneously emit a flashing strobe light and continuously variable sound frequency of 17000 Hz – 24,000 Hz. This will scare the birds away.

Pestrol Bird Away can be operated at any location without electricity as it is operated on 2pcs. of alkaline batteries. займ в тамбовезайм на 100000займ на карту честное слово

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