Signs Of Bird Infestation

Bird infestation

Signs of a Bird Infestation

Birds are an important part of our ecosystem. They take care of many important tasks in the environment including insect control and germinating plants by eating fruits and transferring seeds in their droppings. However, when you are dealing with a bird infestation, it can be an extremely unpleasant experience for a variety of reasons.

Here are some of the main signs you will notice when you have a bird infestation:

  1. The most obvious sign is an increase in the number of birds that you see around your property. You may notice them gathering in one or several trees on your property or they may group together on your electrical lines or on your roof. If birds can get into your attic they will take up residence inside and build nests.
  2. Large amounts of bird poo all around your home, on the walls and on the ground. If a bird nest is close you will notice a concentration of bird droppings in that area. When birds have babies in their nest they will drop out the shells after the young have hatched and you may also notice feathers along with droppings. This is part of the normal “housekeeping” routine of birds and a sure sign that birds have “moved in” to your property.
  3. If you see a large amount of nests in your yard or a lot of different types of nesting materials, this can be another sign that you have a bird problem. When birds build nests, they gather a large amount of materials with which to build nests. Some of those materials can be dropped near the site of newly built nests. Nesting materials can include twigs, grass, dried leaves and feathers.
  4. The concentration of large numbers of insects around your home can attract birds as well as being a sign that you have an infestation. Insects can be attracted to the bird droppings and in turn the large amount of insects can attract more birds. Other types of pests can start to be attracted such as fleas, flies and rodents and this can become a large problem in and of itself.
  5. You may notice a very strong and offensive odour. As droppings begin to accumulate, the smell can become much stronger and nastier. You might think that the odour is just some type of organic materials decomposing or just your household garbage but what you probably smell is bird droppings and dander.

If you notice that you have a bird infestation, you will want to deal with it right away. When large amounts of bird accumulate at your home they can cause a lot of damage and create a large mess. Don’t let a bird problem get out of control, take steps to deal with it quickly and get it under control before your home is damaged. There are plenty of effective bird repellents and other items that can be used to prevent birds from being attracted to your home. The sooner you take care of your bird issue, the better you will be able to eliminate the problem.

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