Fly control products and fly repellent products

Are flies annoyingly hovering over your space? In search of safe, effective fly control products? Flies are not only annoying to have around but a risk to your health too. Their unsavoury and indiscriminate feeding habits make them dangerous disease vectors that spread germs to the surfaces and food they land on. The constant buzzing and the annoying feeling of flies crawling over your skin also add to the list of why you wouldn’t want these pests around.

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Fly Symptoms + Quick facts

  • Seeing the flies
  • Seeing maggots – fly larva
  • Clusters of dark spots in light areas
  • Flies breed very fast
  • A female fly will lay up to 900 eggs in her lifetime
  • An adult fly can live for about 30 days

Pestrol’s fly control products

  • Automatic insecticide dispensers
  • Dispenser refill cans
  • Fly traps
  • Fly repellers
  • Fly repelling clothing
  • Bug zappers
  • Insect screens
  • Food tents
  • Sting gel and spray