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How Do I Get Rid of Moths


Moths can be extremely destructive because they can devour expensive clothing made from silk and wool. They also consume cereals and grains in pantries and lay eggs in the packages. It is important to identify the signs of a moth infestation and deal with it immediately.

How Can I Prevent Moths In My Home?

  • Moths can be kept out of your home by adding screens to open windows. If you have a light on outside or inside, it will attract moths and they will fly into open windows and get into your home. They like to be in a dark place in the day and will hide in closets and seek out your expensive clothing.
  • Bundles of lavender, bay leaves, rosemary, cloves and thyme can keep moths away;

What Are Some Home Remedies For Moth Problems?

  • Wash your clothes if you notice signs of moths including holes, discoloration, a musty smell or webbing on the clothing;
    If possible, place your washed clothes into a hot dryer. Items that cannot be placed into a hot dryer can be placed in the freezer for several days which will kill any eggs.
  • Remove all items from your closets and clean them from top to bottom to eliminate any eggs. Items such as boxes and suitcases should be cleaned inside. Use soapy water, and a solution made from vinegar and water to wash all surfaces.
  • Vacuum the whole area with a high powered vacuum to clean all areas and vacuum your bedroom.
  • Check your pantry carefully and examine food for signs of moths. Any worms found in food is a sign that it should be disposed of immediately.

How Can I Get Rid Of Moths With Pestrol?

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