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Cockroach Control – Best Methods

Best methods of cockroach control

Best methods of cockroach controlIn this post, learn about the best methods to controlling cockroaches in your home.

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Do you have cockroaches?
What can you do for cockroach control?
What are the effective cockroach control methods from Pestrol?

It is believed that cockroaches spread a range of disease-producing organisms that can harm humans including streptococcus, salmonella and staphylococcus. These insects prefer to live in a warm and humid climate with easy access to food. Many people feel as though they need to hire a professional to deal with cockroach control, but you can easily treat an infestation on your own when you have access to the right products.

Cockroaches eat a wide range of foods including rotting garbage and this is how they spread disease. They also can cause some severe allergic reactions. The cockroach will eat just about anything it can find including food and faecal matter. Any bacteria that the cockroach ingests can survive in its digestive system for months or years and is reintroduced to the environment when it is passed out of the cockroach’s body through droppings. Food can be contaminated by cockroaches when they vomit on it and defecate on it and humans consuming this food can become ill from the bacteria.

Cockroaches have long antennae, six legs, are very fast moving, have wings and a flat, low lying body that can squeeze through extremely small spaces. The most common types of cockroaches found in Australia are the American cockroach which is large and black, the Oriental cockroach which is medium sized and can be dark brown or black and the German cockroach which is smaller and brown. Female cockroaches can lay between 10 and 40 eggs at once and will produce over 30 batches of eggs during their lifetime of around 12 months.

Do You Have Cockroaches?

Cockroaches are often found in areas where food is kept or prepared. They tend to live off of food spills and need access to water. You may find them in your kitchen cupboards, under the sink, behind the fridge, under newspapers or cardboard and around your water heater.Best methods of cockroach control

What Can You Do For Cockroach Control?

If you have cockroaches, be sure to keep your house clean, especially in the kitchen area and where the food is prepared. Clean under your fridge and stove, moving those appliances out from the wall and picking up all food debris. If you spill anything on the floor, clean it up right away. Remove any water sources by making sure that dripping taps are turned off and water that collects in containers is dumped out. It is a good idea to store food in a sealed container if you have open food in kitchen cupboards.

What Are The Effective Cockroach Control Methods From Pestrol?

  • Pestrol Cockroach PadsPestrol Cockroach Pads are glue traps made out of cardboard that trap cockroaches inside and come in packages of four. These traps are perfect for coaxing cockroaches out of hiding around your home. These traps can be placed in the path of an area where you know the cockroaches are living. They will need to walk through these traps to get to a food source or water. Since cockroach eggs can be dormant for up to six months, you can keep these traps in place to eradicate cockroaches now and in the future. These glue traps contain all natural ingredients and can simply be thrown away when they are full. Each trap can last between 10 – 20 days.Pestrol Ultra
  • Pestrol Orange Guard is a natural product that works with d-limonene as an active ingredient to break down an insect’s waxy outer coating. This is an effective method of cockroach control.
  • Pestrol Ultra is an automatic insect killer that contains natural pyrethrins. It is continuously dispensed automatically in a dispenser and is safe to use around the family and pets.

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