Fence Spikes
cat spike and possum repelling plastic uv treated pvc spikes.
Fence Spikes
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Fence Spikes – Cat and Possum Humane Repelling Spikes. 50cm piece.

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Cat and Possum Repelling Spikes

Pestrol Fence and Wall spikes are a great way to keep your pets in and other pests out.

  • Strong Polypropylene
  • Designed for only discomfort and not injury.
  • Easily attached to fence, walls, trees, potts, railings.
  • UV Treated and Weather resistant
  • Flexible strips that can be cut for any purpose.



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Fence Spikes – Humane Cat and Possum Repelling Spikes

Pestrol Cat and Possum Repelling Spikes can be easily installed within a couple of minutes per piece.  With our wall and fence spikes, it will keep any unwanted pest from your backyard or garden.

Every garden and backyard is different and will require different installation, our spikes can be easily adjusted to the required length to fit any purpose.

The studs on Pestrol Cat and Possum Repelling spikes are cones of polypropylene, this means that they are sturdy and reliable, weatherproof and flexible.  Once installed, Pestrol spikes will last a lifetime.  Pestrol fence spikes will not cause any harm to animals. 


  • Length  50cm
  • Width – 4.5cm
  • Height  – 2cm
  • Weight – 104g

Can be used for:

  • roofs
  • signs
  • walls
  • fences
  • gates
  • poles
  • posts.

Made from UV resistant PVC material and can be painted to fit in with any existing outdoor colour schemes.
Start repelling and protecting your outdoor areas today.
If you need to purchase adhesive for fence spikes installation, please click here.

6 reviews for Fence Spikes – Cat and Possum Humane Repelling Spikes. 50cm piece.

  1. Farshad Yeganeh

  2. Greg M.

    No complaints from me. Excellent product. Keeps the bloody cats out. Thanks

  3. Anonymous

  4. Sue

    Good price, fast delivery – hope it will do the trick and keep the possum from crossing the widow sill into the house!!!!

  5. Richard White

    A great way to keeping my cat in my yard.

  6. Anonymous

    Absolutely useless. the spikes are too small and they were covered in possum pee and droppings within days. But the Pestrol traps are working wonderfully.

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