Pestrol offers a large range of fly Repellers from your home, without having to use chemicals.

Whether you have a problem with flies from your drains or inside the kitchen of the living room, Pestrol has a solution.

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Neem Leaf Insect Repelling Bag – 35gms


Pestrol Ultra Summer Survival Pack

(111) $99.00

Shooaway Fly Repeller

(15) $24.90

Eco-Neem Concentrate


Pestrol Ultra Dispenser – Indoor

(15) $59.90

Pestrol Ultra Outdoor – Dispenser

(4) $59.90

Drain Fly Eliminator – Clear Out – Eliminates Food Source for Drain Flies

(3) $39.90

Green Drain – Waterless Trap Seal

(5) $49.95

Py-Bo Natural Pyrethrum Concentrate

(2) $79.00

Enzyme Wizard Urine Stain & Odour Remover – 1 Litre Spray

(1) $22.90

Bushman – Insect Repellent Plus Dry Gel 75g


Bushman – Insect Repellent Ultra Dry Gel 75g


Bushman – Insect Repellent Ultra Aerosols 60g


Bushman – Insect Repellent Ultra Aerosols 130g


Bushman – Insect Repellent Plus Spray 350g


Bushman – Insect Repellent Ultra Aerosols 225g


Bushman – ItchFix Soothing Gel 75g


Vetsense Flygon 500mL


Neem All Purpose Concentrate


What is the best repellent for Flies?

Natural Pyrethrins are very effective in repelling flies from inside and outside your home.   Some of the essential oils, such as Lavender, eucalyptus, peppermint, and lemongrass will not only make your house smell nice but will also repel flies.

Do Ultrasonic fly repellers work?

Based on our research, Ultrasonic Units are not very effective in repelling flies.  They do have a frequency that will be detectable by flies, however, that will just make them scatter around the property and will not be effective.