Effective silverfish control

Have silverfish overrun your house or business premises? Looking for an effective way to permanently get rid of silverfish? Silverfish are small, wingless, silvery-coloured insects that consume sugar, starches, dextrin in adhesive and other polysaccharides/carbohydrates. These insects will damage items such as books, fabrics, photos, carpets, wallpaper, and even leatherwear. They can also contaminate surfaces as they move around causing hygiene issues.

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Silverfish Symptoms + Quick facts

  • Seeing the actual insect (dead or alive)
  • Silverfish droppings
  • Damage caused by the insects
  • Shed skin
  • Silverfish are nocturnal – mostly active at night
  • They can survive for up to a year without food
  • They thrive in moist environments
  • They’re not related to fish

Pestrol’s Silverfish Control Products

  • Automatic insecticide dispensers
  • Insecticide dispenser refill cans
  • Insecticide sprays
  • Insect screens
  • Food tents
  • Insect repelling clothing