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Effective silverfish control

Have silverfish overrun your house or business premises? Looking for an effective way to permanently get rid of silverfish? Silverfish are small, wingless, silvery-coloured insects that consume sugar, starches, dextrin in adhesive and other polysaccharides/carbohydrates. These insects will damage items such as books, fabrics, photos, carpets, wallpaper, and even leatherwear. They can also contaminate surfaces as they move around causing hygiene issues.

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    Pestrol ultra summer survival pack

    Pestrol Ultra Summer Survival Pack

    (110) from: $185.00 from: $99.00

    Pestrol Ultra Summer Survival Pack

    • Made in Australia
    • Natural Pyrethrins
    • Safe for people and pets
    • Immediate results
    • Completely biodegradable
    • Fully progammable
    Protect your home from:
    • Mosquitoes                                    Ants
    • Cockroaches                                  Silverfish
    • Midges                                            Dust Mites
    • Fruit Flies                                        Flees
    • Sand Flies                                       Moth
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    Pestrol Ultra Deal Automatic Insect Repeller

    Pestrol Ultra Special: 2 for 1 Deal

    (77) from: $150.00 from: $75.00

    Protect your home from insects even with windows open!

    • Made in Australia
    • Immediate results

    Protect your home from:

    • Mosquitoes                                   Ants
    • Cockroaches                                Silverfish
    • Midges                                          Dust mites
    • Fruits Flies                                    Fleas
    • Sand Flies                                     Moth
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  • Indoor Fly TrapFly glue trap

    Indoor Fly Trap – Chemical Free Fly Control

    (12) from: $59.90

    Fly Light Glue Trap

    The easy way to get rid of unwanted flies inside your home without the use of chemicals.

    30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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  • Spider & Silverfish Trap

    Spider & Silverfish Trap x 2

    (3) $12.90

    Spider and Silverfish Traps x 2

    Odourless and Pesticide Free

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  • Pestrol ultra indoor dispenser that includes natural pyrethrinsPestrol ultra indoor dispenser that includes natural pyrethrins

    Pestrol Ultra Dispenser – Indoor

    (14) from: $75.00

    Pestrol Ultra Indoor Automatic Insect Spray Dispenser. Natural Insect Repellent.

    Get rid of annoying flies, ants, mosquitoes, cockroaches, fleas and more with the Pestrol Ultra Spray.

    With a 30-day money-back guarantee this is an Australian Made product that’s completely biodegradable and kind to the environment. Pestrol Ultra is the ultimate insect control solution.


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  • Pestrol Regular DispenserPestrol Regular Dispenser

    Pestrol Regular Indoor

    (9) $69.90

    Pestrol Regular Indoor with Natural Pyrethrins will remove unwanted insects from your home!

    Australian tested for over 20 years.

    Pestrol Regular Refills will also fit Robocan / Innovair Dispensers. 1 Refill lasts approximately 4-6 weeks!

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  • Natural Surface Spray

    Orange Guard Surface Spray 946ml RTU

    (16) $29.90

    Orange Guard is a Crawling Insect Killer and a natural alternative to insect and pest control problems.

    Natural Spray that kills and repels bugs & insects using the power of edible plant extracts. For use in kitchens, gardens, organic production and in healthy homes.

    Kills and Repels:

    • Ants                         Cockroaches
    • Spiders                    Fleas
    • Silverfish                Moth

    Will NOT stain | NO Chemicals | KILLS and repels crawling insects.


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  • Ozz Organic Diatomaceous EarthOzz Organic Diatomaceous Earth
  • black insect screens

    Black Insect Screens – 1.2m x 30m


    Pestrol Fly Force Field Insect Screen- 1.2m x 30m – Black

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  • Insect ScreensPestrol Insect Screens 1.2m x 30m - 1 roll

    Insect Screens 1.2m x 30m – 1 Roll


    Pestrol Fly Force Field Insect Screen- 1.2m x 30m – x1

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  • fly screenInsect screens 1.8m x 30m - 1 roll
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    food coverProtect Food Picnic Tent

    Food Cover – Food Tent

    (4) $49.90 $39.90

    Protect your food from insects when eating outdoors with the food tent cover. The mesh food cover is a large-sized protective Food Screen (food mesh protector)

    Let Pestrol Picnic food tent protect your food while you enjoy your party! Keep your food fresh whilst keeping insects out!

    30 Day money back guarantee.

    Over 20 years in the business.

    Customer Service Hotline 1800 33 88 88

    $11.50 Australia wide delivery.

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  • Green DrainGreen Drain Water Saver

    Green Drain – Waterless Trap Seal

    (5) from: $49.95

    A Green Drain is the easiest and safest way to ensure your home is protected from insects, odours and gases.

    Anyone can install.

    No maintenance required.

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    Pestrol Insect Shield Men's ShirtPestrol Insect Shield Men's Shirt

    Pestrol Insect Shield Men’s Shirt

    (8) $79.00 $69.90

    The Pestrol Insect Shield Men’s Shirt is  Insect Repellent – Lightweight – Comfortable with 30+ UPF Protection.

    UPF Protection
    Light colored horn-tone buttons
    Velcro-close box pleat pockets
    Right sleeve velcro-close pocket
    Roll-up sleeves
    Vented back
    Shirt-tail hem
    Two button cuffs
    Insect Shield logo on right sleeve
    Insect Shield:

    The effective, odorless repellency provided by Insect Shield apparel is EPA registered to last through 70 washings—beyond the lifetime of most garments. Insect Shield Repellent Apparel products are U.S. EPA registered to repel mosquitoes, ticks, ants, flies, chiggers, and midges (no-see-ums).

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    Protect Food OutdoorsProtect Food Outdoors

    Pestrol Food Tent Extra Large

    $69.00 $59.90

    Protect your banquet with our new Pestrol Banquet Food Tent.

    When there is more food you will require the Banquet Food Tent to go the extra mile.

    30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

    $11.50 Australia wide Shipping.

    Customer support hotline 1800 33 88 88

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  • outdoor insect dispenseroutdoor insect dispenser

    Pestrol Regular Outdoor


    Pestrol Regular Outdoor Sdispenses Pestrol every 20 seconds and it will last approximately 60 hours. This unit is designed for use on Patios and small outdoor areas.

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  • Pestrol premium dispenser automatic insect controlPestrol premium dispenser automatic insect control

    Pestrol Premium Dispenser

    from: $99.00

    Pestrol Premium is the latest automatic insect control system including a handy remote system.

    Pestrol Premium has an electronic dispenser equipped with a computerised electronic system that creates a special micro spray – enabling Pestrol to move throughout the entire home. 

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Silverfish Symptoms + Quick facts

  • Seeing the actual insect (dead or alive)
  • Silverfish droppings
  • Damage caused by the insects
  • Shed skin
  • Silverfish are nocturnal – mostly active at night
  • They can survive for up to a year without food
  • They thrive in moist environments
  • They’re not related to fish

Pestrol’s Silverfish Control Products

  • Automatic insecticide dispensers
  • Insecticide dispenser refill cans
  • Insecticide sprays
  • Insect screens
  • Food tents
  • Insect repelling clothing