shoo-away fly repeller
shoo-away fly repeller for Australians
Pestrol shooaway
shoo-away fly repeller

Pestrol Shooaway – Demo

$24.90 $15.90

Pestrol Shooaway

Keep unwanted flies away from your food the easy way without chemicals. Just turn it on – watch it spin and say goodbye to unwanted flies!!!

Top seller / Fun / Effective / Safe

Immediate Dispatch and come wit30-day day money back guarantee.

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Demonstration units from the showroom – works perfectly – no retail box – very minor surface marks on some units.

Pestrol Shooaway

Keeps flies away from your food
• 100% effective on flies
• Australian designed and owned
• Meets all Australian food standards
• Chemical free & environmentally friendly
• Harmless to touch
• Aussie invented and owned
• Uses only 2 x AA batteries
• Shipped globally

Frequently Asked Questions

Q   How many Pestrol Shooaway’s do I need?
A   On the average 6-8 seat dining table, 2 Pestrol ShooAway’s are recommended. Purchase an extra one to give away to friends and family.

Q   How long does 2 x AA Batteries Last?
A   Using quality batteries, ShooAway will run for approximately 30 hours. Naturally, once the food is cleared from the table, turn off your shooaway to get the maximum life out of your batteries.

Q   How long will the Pestrol Shooaway Motor Last?
A   We use quality motors to ensure a long life. Our testing has shown a life expectancy well in excess of 350 hours. We haven’t killed a motor yet!

Q   Is it safe around the family and pets.
A   Yes, the blades are very soft. Placing your hand near the plastic blades will stop them immediately.


Size: 25 x 8.5 x 8.5cm

Weight: 194g


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