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Garbage Can Fly Trap

Garbage Can Fly Trap


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Garbage Can Fly Trap



Garbage Can Fly Trap

Garbage Can Fly Trap will control flies and other insects that get attracted to the garbage in your rubbish bin.

The Garbage Fly Trap was invented in America by a young inventor wanting to find a chemical-free approach to fly control. It doesn’t require dangerous chemical attractants, the use of unsightly fly strips or chasing flies with a swatter!

The Garbage Can Fly Trap uses a fly’s natural attraction to your garbage to capture and kill it.  There is a small hole in the center of the trap (under the quick-release button) that flies believe will give them access to the interior of your garbage can, and it does, but there is a flypaper-lined trap waiting for them!

If you are looking for a complete system to remove flies, ants, cockroaches, mosquitoes and much more, have a look at our automatic insect control systems that include natural pyrethrins as a natural active to repel and kill insects.

How it works

For House Flies and Fruit Flies
Pesticide Free; No Chemical Attractants
Indoor and Outdoor Use
Hands-Free Disposal
Includes 1 Trap + 2 Cartridges
Requires Installation with 1.5″ Hole Saw (not included)



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    • Immediate results
    • 100 Day Money back guarantee
    • Completely biodegradable
    • Fully progammable
    Protect your home from:
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    • Cockroaches                                  Silverfish
    • Midges                                            Dust Mites
    • Fruit Flies                                        Flees
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