Commonly known as a tarp, a tarpaulin is a large, durable sheet crafted from high-quality materials such as canvas, polyester coated with polyurethane, or heavy-duty plastics like polyethylene. Manufacturers design these sheets to be strong, flexible, and, most importantly, resistant to water and adverse weather conditions.

Why Choose a Tarpaulin?

Our tarps offer not only versatility but also remarkable ease of use and storage. Whether you need a temporary shelter or long-term protection, our tarps rise to the occasion. Furthermore, they serve as an essential tool for homes, farms, construction sites, and outdoor adventures, proving indispensable in a variety of settings.

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Rally Tarpaulin – Heavy Duty
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Rally Tarpaulin – Heavy Duty

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Rally Tarpaulin Blue with Reinforced Eyelets


Common Uses of Tarpaulin

  1. Protection for Your Belongings
    • Keep your vehicles, boats, and outdoor furniture safe from rain, snow, and sun.
    • Cover and protect construction materials at work sites.
  2. Emergency and Temporary Shelter
    • Quickly create a shelter or tent when camping or in emergencies.
    • Use as a temporary fix for broken windows or damaged roofs.
  3. Construction Projects
    • Protect machinery and freshly laid concrete at construction sites.
    • Contain debris and dust during renovations or repairs.
  4. Agricultural Support
    • Ideal for covering hay, and grains, or as protection for livestock.
    • Use as ground sheets for outdoor areas.
  5. Outdoor Activities
    • Essential for camping to cover equipment or as a ground sheet under tents.
    • Perfect for picnics and beach outings to keep seating areas dry and clean.
  6. Aid and Relief Efforts
    • Invaluable for creating shelters and covering supplies in humanitarian missions and disaster response.