Need to control annoying wasps on your property? Looking for wasp control solutions that work? Similar to bees, wasps are also capable of stinging painfully. Unlike a bee that only stings once, however, a wasp can sting multiple times making it all the more dangerous. And while wasp stings are just a very painful experience for most of us, they could have fatal consequences for a portion of the population who get severe reactions from stings.

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Wasp Symptoms + Quick facts

  • Seeing the actual insect
  • Wasp nest
  • Holes on wooden surfaces
  • Wasps only attack when provoked
  • Only the females sting
  • Wasps have a distinctive narrow waist

Pestrol’s Wasp Control Products

  • Automatic pesticide dispensers
  • Dispenser refill cans
  • Insect repelling clothing
  • Bug zappers
  • Insect screens
  • Bug sprays
  • Wasp traps


Why Use Our Wasp Killer Products?

You don’t want wasps taking up residence in your yard, and you certainly don’t want them inside the house.

These days there are many effective wasp killer and wasp prevention products on the market that you don’t need to put up with these stinging insects any longer.

Pestrol stocks a whole host of products that are effective at killing and preventing wasp infestations.

These range from:

  • Wasp traps
  • Sprays
  • Insecticide dispensers
  • Wasp lures
  • Screens
  • Bug zappers
  • And more…

Don’t put up with wasps a moment longer. There are many ways to get rid of wasps and Pestrol is here to help.