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Are stray cats sneaking into your yard and causing all sorts of messes? Are you looking for a way to keep them away? Cats can turn into foes when they intrude into your property. They will dig up your plants, poop in your garden and can cause distress to your pet if you have one.  Pestrol offers a range of effective cat control products.

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    Fence Spikes to repel unwanted animals

    Fence Spikes – Cat and Possum Humane Repelling Spikes. 50cm piece.

    (13) from: $4.40

    Pestrol Fence and Wall spikes are a great way to keep your pets in and other pests out.

    • Strong Polypropylene
    • Designed for only discomfort and not injury.
    • UV Treated and Weather resistant
    • Flexible strips that can be cut for any purpose.


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    Flexible plastic spikes

    Flexible Cat and Fence Spikes – 50cm piece

    (14) from: $4.40

    Welcoming the new Flexible Cat and Fence Spikes!

    The new design with cleverly constructed hinges allowing each strip to follow the contours of any surface. It is just what you need to keep those pesky animals and intruders out of your yard.

    Perfect for stopping cats, possums and birds from damaging your yard.


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  • Anti Climb Fence Spikes for Cats and Possums - Clear

    Anti Climb Fence Spikes for Cats and Possums – Clear 5 Metre Pack


    Use these anti-climb fence spikes for cats, possums & birds to stop them from entering your property from over the top of the fence.

    5 Metre Pack Clear

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  • fence spikes largelarge fence and wall spikes

    Large Fence and Wall Spikes – 50cm piece

    (5) $9.90

    Large Flexible Plastic Fence and Wall Spikes

    Perfect to deter animal and human intruders.

    Tough, durable and flexible.

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  • Animal Deterrent Strips

    Animal Deterrent Strips – 2 Pack

    (1) $19.90

    Our new all-weather animal deterrent strips are the perfect solution to stop animals from destroying your property.

    Either inside or outside.

    Just released.

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    Anti Cat Mat

    Anti Cat Mat – Cat Removal Mat – Humane

    (16) $34.90 $29.90

    Anti Cat and Dog Mats

    Deter your friendly cats and dogs from digging up your property or scratching your furniture.


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  • Repelling Cat Square Clear Spikes

    Repelling Cat Clear Square Spikes – 6 Pack

    (6) $39.90

    Pestrol loves animals, but sometimes we need to encourage our friendly pets or wild animals to keep away from damaging our gardens or indoor furniture.

    Just released in Australia, start humanely repelling your pets and other animals today.

    40cm x 31cm x 2cm High – 6 in a pack. Connect them together to make a larger area coverage.

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  • Flea Trap By Pestrolflea control australia

    Pestrol Flea Trap – MyFlea Trap

    (17) $79.90

    Pestrol Flea Trap is the easy and safe flea solution for your home. Documented to work better than any other trap, it attracts, catches and eliminates the fleas off your floor, carpets and furniture.

    It is a portable and a self-sufficient modern electrical device that works overnight to have your house cleaned of FLEAS.

    This flea trap monitors and controls flea infestations.

    NON-Poisonous and 100% Safe for your family and pets. Works on batteries or with an option of an AC Adaptor.

    Designed to be used indoors or in semi-enclosed, covered areas.

    Chemical Free and Environmentally Friendly.

    Patented technology with extensive laboratory testing.

    The most trusted Flea trap on the market for the past 10 years.

    30 Day Money Back Guarantee and 12 Month Warranty.

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  • Thorny Devil Importer for AustraliaThorny Devil Importer for Australia

    Fence Spikes – 45cm Piece – Thorny Devil

    (12) $4.40

    Effective fence spikes

    Are you sick of animals ruining your fence and back yard? Causing damage to your garden they shouldn’t be? Terrifying your own animals in their home?
    Use fence spikes as not only an economical way of riding yourself of pests but a safe way.

    Fence spikes are strips of low profile PVS. The sharp spikes cause such animals as Cats, Possums and Birds discomfort without causing them harm. As a result the animals avoid the areas where the spikes are placed!

    Leaving you to enjoy a Pest free yard and fence!

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  • Wall Spikesthorny devil flat section wall spike

    Wall Spikes – Cats and Possums – Flat Section

    (3) $4.40

    Wall Spikes – Flat Section – Thorny Devil.

    Individual product dimensions:
    210 mm (L) x 90 mm (W)

    A perfect way to repel cats and possums as well as keeping your family safe by stopping intruders climbing over walls and fences.

    UV protected – humane and covered by Pestrol’s 12-month warranty.

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    feral cat trapFeral Humane Cat Trap Australia

    Feral Cat Trap

    (24) $69.90 $59.90

    Feral Cat Trap offer effective solutions for humanely trapping troublesome cats.

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  • Cat Repellerrepel unwanted animals

    Solar Cat Repeller

    (12) $89.90

    Control and repel cats with our new solar cat Repeller.

    If cats are using your garden and using it for their bathroom needs. Time to repel cats humanely with our specifically designed cat Repeller.

    How to get rid of cats has never been so easy.

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    Pestrol Possum RepellerPestrol Possum Repeller

    Pestrol Possum Away – Possum Repeller

    (36) $199.00 $149.90
    Effective Possum Repeller

    The Pestrol Possum Away repels pests by using ultrasonic sounds generated from the units as well as utilising a strobe light. A further optional audible setting is available if required.

    We provide:

    • A 30-day money back guarantee and 1 Year Warranty
    • A free customer support hotline for queries and assistance.
    • Same day dispatch for quick delivery.

    This an exceptional possum deterrent.

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  • Neem Organic Pet Spray - 500ml Spray

    Neem Organic Pet Spray – 500ml Spray


    The perfect organic natural spray for your pet. 100% biodegradable and non-toxic pure neem seed oil.


    • Fleas & Ticks
    • Summer Itch 
    • Skin Irritations


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  • Neem Pet Soap - 100g

    Neem Pet Soap – 100g


    The perfect organic natural soap for your pet. The natural way to control fleas & ticks, with customers reporting an improvement in skin condition.


    • Neem
    • Tea Tree Oil
    • Citronella Oil
    • Vegetable Oil
    • Natural Glycerine
    • Purified Water


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  • Neem Pure Seed Oil 250ml - Cold Pressed

    Neem Pure Seed Oil 250ml – Cold Pressed


    Neem Oil is rich in Vitamin E and other essential amino acids, which is perfect for the skin as it will nourish as well as heal. Suitable for both humans & animals.

    For Humans:

    • Psoriasis & Eczema
    • Cold Sores & Skin Ulcers
    • Ring Worm & Sun Spots
    • Athletes Foot & Fungal Conditions

    For Animals

    • Fleas, Ticks & Mites
    • Summer Itch & Hotspots
    • Repelling Flies & Skin Irritations
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  • bed bug treatmentsame_as_bed_bug_protection

    Bed Bug Treatment in a Can

    (3) $39.90

    Bed Bug Spray in a Can helps controls bed bugs in domestic and commercial premises such as hotels, motels and other sleeping areas.

    The easiest application of DE on the market.


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  • Extra Large Animal Trapsuper large possum trap

    Extra Large Animal Trap – Humane

    (10) $99.90

    Live Catch & Release Extra Large Animal Trap

    • Live Catch & Release EXTRA Large Folding Animal Trap.
    • Heavy Duty design for the humane catch & release of Larger animals (Dogs, Foxes etc.).
    • Solid Powder-coated steel construction.
    • Opens both ends.
    • Bait station.
    • Size – L 97cm  x W 31cm x H 36cm
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  • heavy duty animal trapheavy duty humane animal trap

    Heavy Duty Animal Trap XXL – Humane

    (1) $199.90

    This is a heavy-duty, industrial-strength and XXL Humane Animal Trap.  It is designed and built to be used time and time again.

    This trap can also be used for catching Cats, Foxes, dogs, and other large-sized animals.

    107cm x 40cm x 44cm


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  • fox deterrentfoxlights

    Fox Deterrent – Humane – Effective Night Predator Repeller

    (4) $119.90

    Start repelling foxes from your property.

    The Fox Lights are used to scare and repel foxes humanely and quickly.

    New to Pestrol this fox deterrent is Australia’s number 1 predatory repeller.


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Stray cat intrusion Symptoms + Quick facts

  • Cat poop
  • Cat footprints/paw marks on your property
  • Dug up ground in your yard and /or damaged vegetation
  • Stray cats could transmit diseases to your pet

Pestrol’s Cat Control and Cat Care Products

  • Humane cat repelling spikes
  • Sonic and ultrasonic repellers
  • Water Jet repellers + traps
  • Ear wax removers
  • Pet flea treatments