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Pestrol Bed Bug Steamer

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Treat and kill Bed Bugs and their eggs instantly with the Bed Bug Barrier Steamer

Multiple accessories make this the most dynamic bed bug steamer in Australia

Treat and kill Bed Bugs and their eggs instantly with the Pestrol Bed Bug Steamer.

No toxic chemical needed to treat and kill bed bugs and their eggs instantly.

Current chemical treatments can’t kill the bed bugs and their eggs instantly.

The Pestrol bed bug steamer is safe to use on mattresses, furniture, the edges of carpet and beds with wooden slates.

Mulitple attachments as well as a handy extension spout enables to get into very trick and tight locations.

Can also be used behind the bed head, picture frames and other furniture

Do not use on electrical equipment or power outlets, use Pestrol’s Bed bug Steamer  to give years of on-going protection.

This steamer is not a commercial steamer because commercial steamers cost around $2,000.00. This is a much cheaper alternative that works very well. Most steamers just blow the bed bugs and eggs away because they are so powerful, this only makes your problem worst. Our steamer is not a fan and as such the effectiveness of killing the bed bugs is so much greater.

If you have problems with bed bugs  you need the Bed Bug Steamer today.

Most advanced: The bed bug steamer has exclusive patented technology.

Safety: The Pestrol bed bug steamer is designed to prevent the boiler from going completely dry. Higher sensitivity thermostat: 135 C high temperature steam is available. A safety valve has automatic pressure release function. If there is too much pressure in the tank the valve will automatically open and release the excess pressure.

Durable: The bed bug steamer is made from quality PP and PA with anti-corrosion and high strength.

Parts included:

  1. Body
  2. Short spray nozzle
  3. Safey cap
  4. Steam button
  5. Handle
  6. Power cord and plug
  7. Power indicator
  8. Funnel
  9. Measuring cap
  10. Spraycup with round brush
  11. Bent spray nozzle – to get into all those hard places where bed bugs like to hide
  12. Long spray nozzle
  13. Extended connecting spray nozzle
  14. General spray nozzle
  15. Spray nozzle for door / window
  16. Towel sleeve


  • Power supply: AC220-240V 50-60Hz
  • Tank capacity: 250ml
  • Max capacity of water cup: 175ml
  • Rated power: 900 – 1050W
  • Steam pressure 0.25MPa – 0.42 MPa
  • Injected steam capacity: 28g/min
  • Temperature controller: function temperature: 135C degrees
  • Fuser: Functioning temperature: 167C degrees
  • Size: 23 x 30 x 15cm
  • Weight: 1.164kg


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  1. Graeme

    Unfortunately it spits water, even through the towel sleeve. so I hesitate to use it on the bedclothes.

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