Fruit flies are a completely pesky insect that can take over your home in a matter of days. You innocently bring them home on produce in the form of eggs. Once you have a few flies you will be in trouble since they breed like crazy and your kitchen area will have its own black cloud of flies.
Preventing fruit flies in your home

• Wash all fruit and vegetables before you put them away. Keep any vegetables or fruits that have been cut up in tightly sealed containers in the fridge.
• Remove any standing water or wet rags that you may have below your sinks
• Kill any adult flies that you encounter.
• Pour drano down the sink.

Home Remedies for fruit fly Problems

• Use unfiltered apple cider vinegar and take the cap off. Cover the top of the bottle with plastic and poke holes in it. Secure the plastic to the top of the bottle with tape or an elastic.
• Put some vinegar in a jar, add a small piece of fruit. Roll up a piece of paper into the shape of a cone and place it into the jar with a small opening at the bottom. Fruit flies will get into the jar but won’t be able to escape.
• Pour a small quantity of dish soap into a bowl and mix it with vinegar. Don’t cover it. The soap allows the vinegar’s tension to open up so that the flies will land in it, sink and then drown.
• Remove all fermented items from your kitchen and look below your sink to identify anything that is damp.

Getting Rid of Fruit Flies with Pestrol

Get rid of fruit files with Pestrol. When your home remedies don’t work as well as expected, it’s time to contact the real pros and get solutions to your fruit fly issue that work well to eliminate the problem.

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