When ants invade your home they can become a real nuisance.  They are relentless and will target your food all over your house.  Pestrol has natural ant solutions to keep them away.  From natural pyrethrins, peppermint oil or orange guard are all effective in getting rid of them from your home.

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Ants are social insects that live together in colonies and although they are very useful in nature (where they play the role of predator and scavenger), they can be a problem in industrial and domestic situations.

Ant Symptoms + Quick facts

  • Large numbers of live ants
  • Ant pathways into your premises or home
  • Nests that look like small piles of dirt or soil
  • They will contaminate food and surfaces through contact
  • These insects usually come into your home or premises in search of food.

Why Use Pestrol Ant Killer Products?

You don’t want your home to be constantly invaded by armies of ants, so Pestrol has developed a range of ant killer products to combat these invasions.

Whether it’s sprays, automatic insecticide dispensers, peppermint oil in a diffuser, or even food tents, Pestrol can help you both prevent and eradicate ants from the home.

Combined with keeping your home – especially your kitchen – clean, tidy and free of temptations, Pestrol’s highly effective ant killer products will both protect your home and kill of these invasive insects.

There’s no need to put up with ants with Pestrol on your team. Our products work!

Pestrol’s Ant Control Products

  • Sprays
  • Automatic insecticide dispensers
  • Food tents
  • Insect shield blankets
  • Insecticide dispenser refill cans