Discover a world of sustainable gardening solutions with Amgrow, the brand you can trust for eco-friendly and innovative garden care.  From nutrient-packed fertilizers to non-toxic pest control solutions, it is a range that is meticulously designed to offer high-performance while being kind to the Earth.

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Patrol Fire Ant Killer

3 reviews $36.90

Patrol Ant Spider Cockroach RTU

1 reviews $12.90

Amgrow Bin-Die Herbicide

1 reviews $14.99

Amgrow Nitrosol Liquid Blood & Bone Fertiliser

1 reviews $12.99

Amgrow Super Phosphate – 2.5kg

1 reviews $26.99

Key Products:

  • Organic Fertilizers: Give your plants the nutrients they crave with our range of organic fertilizers. Optimized for quick absorption, your garden will show noticeable improvements within weeks.
  • Pest Control: Say goodbye to harmful pests without harming your plants. Our range of non-toxic pest control solutions keeps your garden safe and flourishing.
  • Soil Enhancers: Create the perfect foundation for plant growth with our selection of soil enhancers. Packed with essential minerals and microorganisms, Amgrow soil products set the stage for a lush, vibrant garden.