Though birds are beautiful creatures and also necessary to everyday life, they can, unfortunately, become a nuisance for our property or business.   They can easily cause damage to our house by nesting and the dropping can spread diseases to man.   There are effective ways to combat a bird infestation with the right bird control devices and deterrents, such as bird spikes for roofs, solar panels and guttering, water and electronic bird repellers and more. Trust the team, at Pestrol to help you instigate an effective bird control plan.

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Bird Infestation Symptoms + Quick Facts

  • Increased number of birds flying around your property
  • Bird droppings on your property
  • Bird nests on your house or building
  • Noise from birds
  • Some birds are protected by law in Australia
  • Bird nests can create fire hazards
  • Bird poop is acidic and, therefore, damaging to property

Pestrol’s Bird Control Products

  • Bird spikes
  • Electronic bird repellers
  • Bird scarers
  • Sound repellers
  • Bird netting
  • Water jet bird repellers
  • Humane bird traps