Snakes are some of the most feared pests in the world, and rightfully so. An encounter with a venomous snake could have fatal consequences for both humans and their pet animals. With over 140 snake species in Australia, these reptiles are quite a common pest for homes and premises around the country. Pestrol offers effective, humane and safe snake control products.

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Rodent Copper Mesh 12cm x 9M
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Rodent Copper Mesh 12cm x 9m


Peppermint Oil Pest Control

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snake repeller
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Snake Repeller – Solar Powered Deterrent

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Solar Snake Repellers
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Solar Snake Repellers x 2

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Aroma Diffuser – Portable

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oil diffuser
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Pestrol Ultrasonic Oil Diffuser

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Snake Away by Pestrol – Demo Unit


Snake Symptoms + Quick facts

  • Slither marks on the floor or ground
  • Seeing the actual snake
  • Shed snake skin
  • Snakes are cold-blooded
  • They’ll, therefore, be attracted to heat sources
  • Snake venom is lethal and can cause death

Pestrol’s Snake Control Products

  • Electronic snake repellers
  • Electronic snake repeller demo units