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Latest Trends In Residential Pest Control For Australia

Pests have been around for about as long as humans have existed on earth – maybe longer. They bite, damage property and expose us to diseases. Although the need to get rid of them has not reduced with the years, the methods of controlling them have been changing frequently to match people’s preferences and the available technology.

As the world develops, newer, more efficient and safer methods of getting rid of these stubborn invaders are continuously being created. In this article, we‘ll be looking at the latest pest control trends in Australia.

  1. Going green. Over the last couple of decades, environmental awareness among the world’s population has increased exponentially. Now both consumers and manufacturers of pest control products are focusing more on solutions that do not cause harm to the environment. This has seen the increased use of natural, biodegradable ingredients in the manufacture of pest control products such as pyrethrin for insecticides. Government regulations are also becoming stricter with more scrutiny being put on companies manufacturing pest control solutions to ensure that their products do not adversely affect the environment.
  2. Increased use of humane pest control methods. Pest control methods are now becoming increasingly humane across Australia. Most people now prefer pest control methods that do not cause pain to the pest being controlled. This has seen an increase in the use of traps for controlling different types of pests and the use of deterrents to ward off pests instead of killing or harming them.
  3. Prevention has become the primary pest control solution. Although pest prevention has been going on for a long time for some pests such as mosquitoes, it is now that Australians are taking it more seriously and implementing it as the first line of defence for a variety of pests. The logic behind this is that if you can prevent a pest problem to begin with, you won’t have to suffer the hassle of controlling it later after the infestation has taken root.
  4. The rise of DIY pest control. As pest control products become more effective and safer to use around the family, more Australians are going the DIY way preferring to solve their own pest problems instead of calling in professionals. The use of DIY products has also grown because professional pest control services are becoming more expensive as time passes. DIY pest control also enables people to maintain their privacy as they don’t have to invite strangers into their homes – something people have become quite sensitive about.
  5. Automation. The rate at which technology has been growing is amazing. With this rate of growth, it was only a matter of time before pest control started embracing it. This has seen an increase in the use of automated pest control solutions in Australian households.

People have also come to expect products that are easy to use and require the least amount of user intervention, and technology is helping achieve this. Products such as pesticide dispensers, bird and animal deterrents have been automated to work with as little human input as possible.

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