A Few Tips for Preventing Pest Problems

With the warmer weather upon us, it is even more important than ever to look at simple housekeeping steps that can be taken to keep those uninvited guests out of the house:

  • Take your rubbish outside daily. The trash is one the biggest attractions to most pests. Think of all the goodies that you throw in the trash, such as food, sweets, and leftovers. Rats, cats, and cockroaches will love to find their way inside and into your rubbish bin.
  • Don’t let your floors get dirty. When your floors are dirty, not only do they attract more pests, but they are also harder to find. This is especially true if you have thick, carpet flooring. On hardwood or tile flooring, use soap and water to clean the floor, not just a rag. Spills should be cleaned up immediately or they can quickly become a source of food or water for new pests.
  • Always leave your fruit in the refrigerator. Pests, especially insects, love fruit. As the fruit ripens, it will have even more sugar and taste even better. Rats and other rodents are also attracted to fruit.
  • Wash your dishes every day. Any dishes that are left in the sink overnight can become a source of food for the pests. Food left on the dishes will attract insects and rodents into your kitchen. Once they learn that they can find food in your sink, they won’t stop coming!
  • All of your food and beverages should be tightly sealed.
  • Keep the house dry. Pests aren’t only looking for sources of food, they need water even more.
  • If you have any pets, such as dogs or cats, keep them clean as well. Small insects love to hop on board dirty animals and make a new home. If nothing else, they will ride inside and find their way into your pantry.
  • Be careful of what you bring into your home yourself. If you have been outside walking under trees, you may have an uninvited pest fall onto you without your noticing.

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