Birds, How to get rid of

How Do I Get Rid of Birds


Birds can be annoying when they take up residence on your roof or in your attic. When birds nest in your home they can create a mess and excessive noise. They can also become extremely protective of their nest if they are hatching young which can become a homeowner’s worst nightmare.

How Do I Prevent Birds In My Home?

Birds Pigeons Pests
  • Seal up attic air spaces with screening that prevents birds from being able to access those areas;
  • Destroy any empty nest that you find. Once a bird builds a nest it is preparing to lay eggs and hatch them. Prevent that activity by removing the nest. Some birds can be quite persistent and will re-build the nest consistently. You have to be vigilant and continue to remove every nest that the bird creates.
  • Repel birds humanely with bird spikes

What Are Some Home Remedies For Bird Problems?

  • Remove perching opportunities. If you have a clothes line take it down or retract it when it is not being used to discourage birds from sitting on it.
  • Add slippery panels to your roof to prevent easy perching areas for birds. If there is no place to perch, birds will not be attracted to your roof. If your roof is slippery then there is no place for birds to safely perch.

How Do I Get Rid Of Birds With Pestrol?

Get rid of birds with Pestrol. Pestrol has some extremely effective bird repellent solutions:

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