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About Us

Pestrol Australia

Pestrol Pty Ltd markets a range of quality, safe and alternative pest control products Australia wide through Radio and Television. Pestrol is the importer and manufacturer of all its branded pest control products. Safe pest control solutions for Australians starts here.

Australian's are becoming more aware of not using chemicals for pest control in and around their homes: It's time to think Pestrol when you think alternative and safe pest control products.

These alternative and safe pest control products include:

  • Pestrol Ultra the automatic indoor and outdoor insect control dispensers
  • Pestrol regular / premium automatic insect control products.
  • Refills for all automatic insect control dispensers on the market.
  • Pestrol Rodent Free: the plug-in electronic rat and mice repeller.
  • Bug Eater / Pestrol Exterminator are proven outdoor insect trapping systems.
  • Solar snake and bird repellers.
  • Bird spikes polycarbonate and stainless steel.
  • Humane animal traps for possums / feral cats / rats and mice.
  • Fruit fly control  / mosquito wrist bands / flea capture units and bed bug control.
  • Outdoor entertaining pest control products.
  • Fly screens / pantry moth protection and roll on repellants.
  • Commercial pest control products.
  • Insect repellent clothing range from Insectshield.
  • Bedbug control products
  • The largest DIY alternative and safe pest control selection in Australia.