Explore our wide range of product accessories at Pestrol. This category is designed to complement and enhance the performance of our main product line, ensuring you receive the most from your investment. From refills and replacement parts to batteries and chargers, our accessories cover all you need to maintain the longevity of your products and devices.

Accessories for all Mosquito Traps and Fly Traps.
Globes, Attractants, Flytrap Refills and Lures.

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Capital Expert Backpack Sprayer -16 Litre

6 reviews $95.90

Replacement Battery for Pestrol 12L Rechargeable Backpack Sprayer

2 reviews $59.90

Rally Shade Cloth Fasteners

1 reviews $5.90

Mighty Outdoor Mosquito Trap Replacement Globe – 2pack

2 reviews $29.90

Executioner XXL – Spare Globe

1 reviews $29.90

Mozzie Master Replacement Globe

1 reviews $19.90

Rechargeable Mosquito Trap Booster – Black

8 reviews $9.90

Rechargeable Mosquito Trap Booster – White

4 reviews $9.90

Peppermint Oil

50 reviews $49.90

Dominator Power Pack

2 reviews $24.90

Exterminator Motor Gen 1

1 reviews $29.90

Possum Away and Deterrent Power Pack

1 reviews $19.90

Possum Away Remote

1 reviews $20.00

Extension Cord Dominator Mosquito Trap – 10 Metres

2 reviews $19.90

Cigarette Power Adaptor – Terminator

3 reviews $19.90

Prism Glueboards – 6 Pack

1 reviews $49.90

Prism Replacement Globe – 11W

1 reviews $39.90

Dripless Caulking Gun CH200 Professional

1 reviews $13.90

Mediterranean Fruit Fly Attractant

1 reviews $19.90

Predator Outdoor Fly Trap – Refill Pack

21 reviews $9.90

Queensland Fruit Fly Attractant – 500ml

9 reviews $19.90

Pestrol Trapple Refills x 12

2 reviews $44.90

Terminator Boosters 3 pack

25 reviews $39.90

Terminator Mosquito Trap Replacement Fan and Motor

2 reviews $20.00

Indoor Fly Trap Replacement Globe

2 reviews $14.90

Indoor Fly Light Trap – Refills x 10

9 reviews $19.90

Bed Bug Bulb Duster Lance

2 reviews $24.00

Powder Duster 500mL

2 reviews $29.90

Water Distiller Spout Filters x 6

1 reviews $49.90

Boosters – Outdoor

22 reviews $19.90
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