September means Spring!


September means Spring!

Which also means that Summer is now just around the corner…now you might associate summer with beaches, picnics, bbqs and long days in the sun.  But at Pestrol we associate summer with war!

Because the invaders are on their way back! Flies! Mozzies! Cockroaches!  Here they come and we have to be prepared!

So now is the perfect  chance for you to stockpile on your Pestrol Ultra refills, or grab one of our Outdoor Exterminators.  Get on top of the Mosquito problems in your backyard before it’s too late.  Stop the armies of Roaches entering your house before it happens by grabbing one of these!

Don’t suffer through another summer of cursing insects.  Make sure you get to enjoy summer this year!  Go Pestrol! займ с 18 летвкармане займоблигационный займ

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