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    Australian rodent control products

    Rodent Defence Package

    $387.90 $349.90

    Rodent Protection Package

    The easiest way to keep your home safe is with our Rodent Protection Combo


    2 x Rodent Frees

    1 x Pestrol 360 Rodent Repeller

    Use our helpful guide below to help you make the right choice for your home!

    Estimated Coverage of Rodent Free Units 

    1 unit covers a 1-2 bedroom home
    2 units cover a 2-3 bedroom home
    3 units cover a 3-4 bedroom home
    Multi-level homes may require 1 unit per floor

    Coverage of the Pestrol 360 Rodent Repeller

    1 unit covers an average sized garage, carport or patio area.

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