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Flies are an annoying pest that can reproduce quickly and infest your home. These dirty creatures are nature’s clean-up crew and feed on garbage and waste. People are repelled when flies land on them because they are so filthy.

How To Prevent Flies In My Home?Fly Pest

What Are Some Home Remedies For Fly Problems?

How To Get Rid Of Flies With Pestrol?

Get rid of flies with Pestrol. Pestrol has many effective solutions that can get rid of flies from your home.

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Mozzie Free Premium 

indoor mosquito control
Area Coverage1/4 acre1/2 acre1 acre1 Room or 40 sqm1 Room or 25sqm1/2 Acre1 Room 80sqm30sqm1/4 acre
PowerMains PowerMains PowerMains PowerMains Power/USB ChargerMains Power/USB ChargerMainsMainsSolar PoweredMains Power
Fan NoiseMediumMediumLoudQuiteQuiteMediumMediumQuiteQuite